The document by the Indian comrade refers to the rise of Russia by means of the export of oil, naturl gas and wheat to European countries. Do the comrades agree that imperialism is characterized principally by the export not of goods but of capital and, if so, are there substantive cases of the export of Russian capital. Of foreign investment, of the exploitation of labor power on an international scale, that could justify the designation of Russian capitalism as imperialist?

And if Russia is imperialist, why has nearly a decasde of intensive military intervention in Syria not resulted in thatcountry becoming a neocolony of Russia, which is heavily indebted to Russian bankers, subjected to Russian-backed structural adjustment programs, and ruled by a Russian-speaking or bilingual puppet regime?

If the comrades accept that rose of those developments has come to pass and that instead, Syrian’s sovereignty has been strengthened by Russian intervention, then how can Russia be characterized either in theoretical terms on practical ones as imperialist?

Finally, if Russia capitalism is imperialist what is your view of the significance of the patriotic juitas in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, and their rejection in whole or in part of French Imperialism

Tynan Liebert, Communist Workers Circle, Canada


Is the category of “counter-agressive imperialist countries” really useful? The proletariat and broad masses cannot side with any imperialist. The agression & provocation of US/NATO is no justification to start a war of aggression against Ukraine.



On the assertion that “Biolab releases are causing these pndemics, ecological balance is affected to such an extent that the parasitic organisms that normally final place in animal species are entering the human bodies. There was a recent incident in which such a parasite was found in a woma’s brain in China. Scientists say that there are 17 lakh unknown viruses in the animals. Eight and a half lakhs of these have the potential to be transferred to human beings”.

To assert that labs causing pandemics is an incredible accusation with world changing scientific implication. Similarly, massive repurcussions would be felt on the world in the case of the escalating climate crisis 8.5 lakh of new diseases will come from effecting animals to effecting humans.

With the world shaking weight of these accusations I ask what proof do you have?

Martin R. Communist Workers Circle