Closing Remarks

Coni Ledesma

As we draw the curtains on this thought-provoking Theoretical Conference on Imperialism and war, it is with a deep sense of gratitude and accomplishment that I stand before you on behalf of the main organizer – the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to deliver the closing remarks. Over the past two days, we have collectively engaged in impassioned discussions; we have shared profound insights and explored varying perspectives on imperialist wars and the many facets of moribund capitalism that lead to the major contradictions of the world today. Our objective was to arrive at a common understanding of imperialist wars, and today, I wish to reiterate the objectives of this conference and reflect on the invaluable contributions you have all made.

From the very inception of this conference, our primary aim was to facilitate an opportunity for workers’ and socialist Parties, national liberation movements, and political mass formations to converge and deliberate on the critical issues of imperialist wars besieging our countries. We sought to foster dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, and promote a shared understanding that would allow us to unravel the intricacies of imperialist wars.

We have certainly accomplished this goal with immense success. The discussions and presentations we’ve witnessed have exemplified a diverse blend of historical, political, and economic perspectives, enriching our understanding of imperialism and where it is headed. We hope that the insights you have all shared ignites our revolutionary determination, and that the debates we had have shed light on exactly where we can stand united and prepare for the huge battles ahead of us. The connections we have made during this conference will undoubtedly foster future discussions and inspire new avenues of working together in different capacities and levels of cooperation and support.

Throughout our time together, we have been reminded that the study of imperialist wars is not an abstract exercise; it is rooted in the real experiences of the toiling masses, and the leading proletarian class who have borne the brunt of such conflicts, exploitation, and oppression. We must never lose sight of the human element in these events, as these wars have, and continue to, shape our world in profound and often devastating ways.

By coming together, we have demonstrated the possibility of forging the foundations of greater ideological and political unities. This is critical as we continue to navigate a world of intensifying crises and imperialist reaction.

We have discovered that advancing our pursuit of just and lasting peace; advancing the pursuit for a socialist future often begins with an honest and thorough understanding of the past and the present. In this regard, I also take this opportunity to announce that the NDFP plans once again to hold an international theoretical conference on semi feudalism and the peasant question. We hope to see you again in this next conference where we aim to explore the principles at work in the state of transition from feudalism to capitalism in the broader context of the uneven development of societies and how we can approach such specific circumstances in our pursuit for a socialist future.

As we leave this conference, let us carry the spirit of cooperation and the need to further consolidate the strength of the proletarian revolutionary movements in our own countries. Let our interactions here serve as a catalyst for a future marked by greater revolutionary unity and understanding. Only by working together can we succeed in our collective pursuit for socialism, and eventually communism.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has contributed to the success of this conference, whether through presentations, discussions, or silent reflection. Let our commitment to the communist cause continue to drive our struggle to crush imperialism in all its many forms.

I look forward to the ongoing collaborations that will undoubtedly emerge from the seeds we have sown here. Safe travels and may our collective understanding of imperialism and war lead us to firm steps in the future and onward to complete victory.