Philippines at the precipice of inter-imperialist war

As US imperialist war provocations against China continue to escalate, the Philippines finds itself precariously positioned at the precipice of an imminent war. The recent intensification of US military operations in the archipelago, exemplified by the Balikatan war games and the recently concluded aerial war exercises underscore how the US government is preparing the Philippines as its forward military base in an expansive war front against imperialist China.

The IPT Verdict: the international community is watching

Guilty verdict ignites further international attention and campaign versus the US-Marcos regime’s war crimes, and strengthens international solidarity for the Filipino people’s resistance The verdict of the recently concluded International


Marcos Jr. spoke with a forked tongue in Singapore

In an apparent attempt to project his regime as being caught in the middle of the rivalry between the US and China, Marcos Jr. succeeded only in further exposing himself as a willing puppet of US imperialism in one of his talks during the 21st International Institute for Strategic Studies Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore last June 2.