From Martial Law to Marcos Jr: Defeat instruments of state terror

More than five decades since the declaration of martial law, the Filipino people once again find themselves in a lurid moment of déjà vu. From enforced disappearances, fake surrenders, political killings to widespread corruption amid economic and social crises – history seems to repeat itself. The disappearance and eventual resurfacing of two environmental activists Jhed


Land reform is the ultimate solution to high rice prices

The key and ultimate solution to high prices of rice is implementing genuine land reform in order to end tenancy which is especially prevalent in ricelands. Landlessness is the basic condition under which palay farmers are subject to feudal and semifeudal exploitation. Wealth accumulated through collection of rent based on land monopoly is the biggest impediment to raising productivity.


Marcos Jr’s 2nd Sona: False claims, undoable promises

In his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 24, Marcos Jr. was deceitful in portraying the real situation of the Philippines, made dishonest claims of achievements, and ended with undoable promises.