Len Cooper, Marxist Workers Party, Australia

Dear Comrades, circumstances make it impossible for the Marxist Workers Party of Australia to be there with you at the NDF conference in the Netherlands. We fully support the calling of the conference and the urgent need for steps to be taken on an ongoing basis, to unite a range of revolutionary organisations, parties, national liberation movements, and mass formations etc at the highest possible level. We thank you so much for the invitation.


We are a party that has been in existence in Australia, since the early 1960’s, and have based our work on Marxism/Leninism/Mao Zedong Thought, since our formation. We are implacable opponents of modern revisionism, and recognise the fundamental, scientific fact that the class struggle continues for a long time after the socialist revolution and the decision about whether socialism or capitalism will be successful in that struggle, will remain an ongoing battle till the world is socialist. The struggle against modern revisionism in China and the Soviet Union and other places testifies to this fact.


We support the NDF emphasis on fighting imperialism and imperialist war as the fundamental focus of the conference. We recognise that the greatest enemy we face is US imperialism and its determination to remain the world’s hegemon.

The Ukraine war has come about because of the expansionist behaviour of US imperialism over a number of years, and the Government in Russia will try to make sure that US imperialism and NATO do not intrude into territory that represents a further threat to Russian capitalism. We believe the need for the US to fight the war through its Ukraine proxy, further demonstrates the decay and crumbling of US imperialism and another reason why we should step up the world- wide struggle against imperialism and imperialist war.


The war in Ukraine, the war against the Palestinian people, the wars in the middle east, the wars in Haiti and other places, all demonstrate that US imperialism and its allies are the greatest threat to human kind and must be fought and defeated. They also demonstrate that US Imperialism is indeed, as Mao said, a paper tiger, and the world situation demonstrates their weaknesses as well.

Imperialism, capitalism at its highest and final stage, inevitably leads to war. As Lenin said the Imperialist era is also the era of proletarian revolution, because the contradictions of capitalism have become so acute, so sharp and the system so anarchic, that proletarian revolution and socialism is the only solution.

The conditions are ripe for another period of social revolution across the globe.

We think that the struggle for liberation in the Philippines is one of the fine and inspiring examples of the correct application of Marxism/Leninism/Mao Zedong Thought, and we wish to put on record our militant solidarity with your struggle.