Contribution of Revolutionaire Eenheid to the Theoretical Conference on Imperialism and War

Revolutionaire Eenheid

Dear comrades,
Revolutionaire Eenheid wants to greet all comrades and organizations gathered here today. And we salute all comrades and freedom fighters that are waging revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation around the world.

At this moment in particular, we salute the heroic Palestinian people and their resistance, united in their struggle for liberation and return, who unleashed one of the biggest revolutionary operations last Saturday, 7 October from Gaza into occupied Palestine, humiliating the Israeli occupation.

We thank the National Democratic Front of the Philippines for organizing this theoretical conference on imperialism and war, which provides a platform to discuss the intensifying contradictions between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, between imperialist states and (semi-)colonial states, and among the imperialists themselves.

The Netherlands
As we are gathered here in the Netherlands, we would like to share our analysis of this imperialist country and how Revolutionaire Eenheid is struggling against imperialism and war from one of the bellies of the beast.

Karl Marx described the Netherlands as “the model capitalist nation of the 16th century.” It was early
capitalist country that used its power to become one of the strongest colonial powers of the world. It’s
main sources of wealth were the exploitation of the colonies, among them Indonesia, Suriname, the
Caribbean and inside the Netherlands the Dutch proletariat.

Dutch banks reap the surplus value of workers, Dutch companies such as Shell plunder natural resources, and the Dutch state supports the most reactionary regimes as long as they guarantee its superprofits.

The Dutch army fought a ruthless colonial war against the Indonesian people and their liberation movement, which the Indonesian people won victoriously. They participated in the killing of millions of Korean, Iraqi and Afghani people. And at this moment, the Netherlands is part of the NATO-coalition in the inter-imperialist war in Ukraine with Russia, and sending material and military support to the Israeli occupation slaughtering the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Revolutionaire Eenheid

Our organizing focusses on the most oppressed and exploited communities in the country: the working class, oppressed nationalities, and gender oppressed. We work in mass organizations that struggle for the interests of these communities and aim to build dual power to counter bourgeois influence. We currently have units organizing on housing, proletarian feminism, Palestine, and the Philippines.

We find it important to connect building proletarian power in the Netherlands to the international
revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation. And the struggle against national oppression
and its racist ideology is one of the sharpest contradictions in our country. Solidarity with all oppressed
nations for their right to self-determination is inextricably linked with the liberation struggle of each

It is our task to carry out social investigation and class analysis of the Netherlands. We need to
understand our society deeply in order to change it. Simultaneously, we have a task to connect with
the working class in the Netherlands, from fisher communities to cleaners. And we have to build
international revolutionary unity in the struggle against imperialism and war.

Power to the youth and their revolutionary struggle for socialism! Long live the international struggle against imperialism and war! Glory to the martyrs, liberation for the prisoners!