Communist Party of Belgium

Communist Party of Belgium

The Communist Party of Belgium denounces the genocidal, xenophobic, anti-Russian-speaking war of extermination waged in eastern Ukraine by the clique of corrupt adventurers, who came to power in Kiev, since the events of Maidan.

This useless and provocative war, started first with the help and complicit silence of the USA and liberal Europe, could only get worse, with the entry on the scene of Russia, which sees its borders increasingly threatened by the military provocations of the Western World, its annexationist and extensive policy in Eastern Europe, through the continued integration of the former Soviet republics and the former socialist states of Eastern Europe.

The ruling clique in Kiev, instigated by the leaders of the USA mainly and of the liberal Europe of the banks, the multinationals, the NATO generals, not only proclaims its intentions to join the EU and the imperialist and military alliance of the Atlantic, while benefiting from the financial power of oligarchs, neo-Nazi revanchists.

It has already established a veritable dictatorial, racist regime and banned more than 20 opposition parties – mainly left-wing, progressive and/or communist – whose militants are imprisoned, even tortured, murdered opponents, and muzzled the press and industrial action. It has already delivered the Ukrainian economy to the US monopolies and multinationals that are rushing to the country, in a country where civil society is now militarized in order to pursue, intensify, internationalize, a lost war, instead of seeking as soon as possible the return to peace, a rapid solution through negotiation, which it officially refuses,…

The ex-rush to the East on the part of America, the pro-European Western world, revanchist politics and the blocs, is not new: it dates from the aftermath of Victory.

This policy involves the American occupation, the Marshall Plan, the creation of liberal Europe, the remilitarization of Germany in a spirit of revenge, the launch of the Cold War (the former Fulton speech delivered by Winston on March 5, 1946 in Westminster, in the presence of Harry Truman, in favor of an alliance between the British and the USA and that of the “speech of fear delivered on September 28, 1948, by the “socialist” Paul-Henri Spaak, before the UN General Assembly to denounce the policy of the USSR), the creation of NATO, the ruinous and scandalous arms race, to the detriment of social goods, the development of humanity, …

And it is now revived by the so-called solidarity with UKRAINE, which continues to demand more and more offensive military means, … supposedly necessary for an illusory recovery of the Russian-speaking territories it has lost, …

Since the intensely provoked dismantling of the USSR, our Western bourgeois governments have pursued intense war propaganda, united against Russia, even once again a capitalist.

As for Belgium under orders, which has become an American colony for more than 75 years, a founding member of Europe and NATO, it has already had two secretaries-general, and

voluntarily participates in provocative joint actions on Russia’s borders, including the overflight of the Baltic countries by F-16s “because it defends its interests”.

This is how we must understand the arrival of Zelensky in the European Parliament at the request of Charles Michel, defender of the interests of Belgian capitalism, who is often in contradiction with Von der Leyen representative of German imperialism.

This is how we must understand the strengthening of links between Defence and the industrial sector promised by Social Democratic Minister De Donder at a time when Belgium announced new aid to the Ukrainian bourgeoisie of 90 million € of equipment for a total of nearly 250 million, including 37 million promised in November 2022.

Belgium, however, does not possess this material but seeks relative independence from the interests of French or US imperialism in the imperialist pyramid. As Social Democrat Minister De Donder pointed out on Friday 9 February, it favours partnerships between Belgian companies and Defence.

In June 2023, it was the Belgian monopoly John Cockerill who touted its products at the arms show in Paris. All these costs (nearly 250 million €) will be blamed on our backs by new attacks on our rights, on social security and our wages (through reductions in employers’ social security contributions).

The interest of the workers of Belgium is to oppose these arms deliveries The working class has nothing to gain in this war! Our task in Belgium is to fight against our policy of Vivaldi intervening in Ukraine, a policy of support for the Kiev clique, with millions in military aid and plundering and while the Ukrainian bourgeoisie exploits the people of this country.

Our task is to fight against Belgian monopolies (or with Belgian participation integrated into French, European or American monopolies): whether we are talking about energy monopolies like Engie, which have exploded prices and are making surplus profits, whether we are talking about the monopolies of the military-industrial complex, like John Cockerill, who is taking advantage of the war to overcome the capitalist crisis, whether it is the banks that invest in nuclear weapons, whether we think of AB Inbev or Solvay (for raw materials).

The policy of war that is intensifying in Europe, the boomerang sanctions that are ineffective against RUSSIA but which mainly affect the European populations themselves, the unconditional support of the Europeanist leaders for the puppet-puppet Zélenski and his neo-Nazi acolytes, the installation of a new pro-fascist regime in Kiev, while the extreme right and the ultra-right threaten and/or install themselves in power in a significant number of Western countries (Austria, Italy, Baltic Lands, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, France, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain,,…) NATO, which is expanding (unlike the Warsaw Pact dissolved for 30 years) and waging wars of occupation and imperialist in Europe (Balkans,…) and in the World (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, …) , the American-Western system that declares itself at war not only with Russia, but also with China as its final objective, the new arms race, can only worry the popular and working masses that we call to react for the abandonment of all this A harmful policy that sows destruction, misery, killings, massacres between populations, and for an immediate return to PEACE.

We note that the PS (through the way and actions of its Minister of Defense in the Vivaldi of the 7 so-called traditional parties), also passes to an increasingly militarist, imperialist policy and develops a climate of fear and war among the popular masses, breaking with the path of Jean JAURÈS according to whom “Capitalism carries war, How the clouds carry the storm!

». And no one in the PS, its leaders, its elected officials, its militants, its members, seems to oppose this break with the path of Peace.

UKRAINE will be able to proclaim itself democratic when its government understands that it has a duty to protect its minorities, instead of waging war on them, when it drives out the Nazi and fascist ideologues, their hordes of provocative and armed volunteers, when it chooses peace instead of war, when it becomes truly independent, neutral and free, between the Western bloc and Russia, for the benefit of all,…

The Communist Party of Belgium.