5. Terminate all unequal relations with the United States and other foreign entities.

The United States and other foreign monopoly interests have long used various laws, treaties and agreements to violate the national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Philippines and to interfere in the country’s internal affairs. The subservient investment laws and onerous loan agreements and such unequal agreements as the US-RP Military Assistance Agreement, the US-RP Mutual Defense Agreement, the Quirino-Foster Agreement and the RP-Japan Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation shall be terminated. New treaties, agreements and arrangements—based on the principles of mutual benefit and non-interference in each other’s affairs—shall be negotiated.

As a rule, direct investments and profit-making assets of the US, Japan and other big foreign capitalists, especially those in the vital and strategic industries, shall be nationalized.Where necessary, the manner of compensation as well as any exemptions to this policy shall be the subject of negotiations, based on the national interest. However, those enterprises that have been actively used for counter-revolutionary purposes shall be confiscated outright.

Foreign loans that overburden and sabotage the Philippine economy, deepen the country’s underdevelopment and direct local resources into unproductive channels shall be canceled or renegotiated, when possible, to do away with their obnoxious features and arrive at terms beneficial to the country.

The US military bases have been dismantled but US military forces retain access to military facilities and to the Philippines territory. The new government shall prohibit this access.

The reactionary armed forces continue to be dependent on US strategic planning, officer training, supplies and so on. The new government shall never allow the people’s army to be dependent on or subservient to any foreign power.

No foreign power shall be allowed to set up military bases on Philippine soil or operate militarily from Philippine territory. The transit through and entry of military nuclear-powered vessels into the country or the emplacement of nuclear weapons within the national territory shall be strictly prohibited.

The democratic republic shall oppose all forms of foreign intervention and interference in the country’s internal affairs.