New People’s Army and the Organs of Political Power

The deepest links with the masses are presented as the firm foundation for organizing the various mass organizations. Their enthusiastic participation in developing their revolutionary mass organizations is a key factor in building the organs of political power with the ever present assistance of the people’s fighters.

We can see the deep integration of the revolutionary forces with the masses, through nutrition, health programs in various forms including making of dentures. So, too through educational and cultural programs, recreation, revolutionary weddings, etc.

The various revolutionary organizations of workers, peasants, women, youth, children, indigenous people and other sectors are the foundation of the organs of political power.

In the many thousands of villages, the revolutionary forces build the organs of political power. They hold elections to form their revolutionary committees with subcommittees for education, organization, health, land reform, culture, settling of disputes, environmetal protection, and security.

These organs of political power in many thousands of villages and some towns constitute the ever growing People’s Democratic Government (PDG).

With the agrarian revolution, the armed struggle and the mass base building, the organs of political power are built with the leadership of the proletarian party and the participation of the people’s army.

In this way, the People’s Democratic Government continues to grow in strength. The revolutionary forces are resolutely moving to the advanced stage of the strategic defensive of people’s war. Thereafter, they will move on to the threshold of the strategic stalemate.