8. Adopt a comprehensive and progressive social policy.

Government neglect in the delivery of basic services to the people is most keenly felt by the masses, especially those in depressed areas in urban centers and in the countryside. At present, some of the basic services needed by the people are being provided by the revolutionary forces in the guerrilla fronts through campaigns and programs such as those in literacy, health care, and productive activities.

It is anticipated that inflation, upon the overthrow of the reactionary government, scarcities of some goods, production breakdowns, speculation and other ills that attend the decline and final collapse of the puppet regime will be carried over into the early years of the new government.The new government shall take swift and decisive steps to control and solve these problems by judicious use of political power and by reviving production and the delivery of social services as soon as possible as the new state passes through a period of reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The full recovery and subsequent development of the economy would provide the conditions for the full implementation of the policies of the new government regarding the delivery of social services. The new government’s social policy will aim to redistribute the benefits of economic growth with priority given to the toiling masses of workers and peasants. It shall promote social justice and enhance the dignity and quality of life of the people. Social services shall become an integral part of the long-term economic and social development of the nation.

Trade unions shall function to safeguard workers’ rights, improve working and living conditions and push measures of general welfare. They shall be encouraged to develop among their members the capacity to participate in the management of the enterprise they work in.

The new government shall take the lead in providing social services. It shall mobilize people’s organizations and agencies, private and church institutions, firms and individuals in the work of reconstruction and rehabilitation and the delivery of social services. The social services system shall promote self- reliance and people’s participation.

The new health care system shall emphasize preventive services for the people. Special attention shall be given primary health care, strengthening full participation in people-based programs which are effectively linked to hospitals and other medical support systems. Effective and appropriate medical technology as well as an integrated health infrastructure, especially in rural areas, will be developed and promoted. The new state shall promote the utilization and development of both traditional and modern medicine for the benefit of the people.

It shall take steps in rationalizing the production, distribution and development of health personnel geared to the country’s needs and not to the foreign market as well as to redressing the imbalances between health services in the urban and rural areas. Health sciences education shall be geared towards developing competent and socially-oriented health personnel.

Policy planning and implementation will harness the people’s energies and resources to establish the necessary infrastructure for such needs as nutrition, family planning, maternal and child care, day care nurseries, occupational health and safety, environmental sanitation, pollution control and disaster relief.

A national, scientific, people-oriented system of education shall be established with due consideration to individual competencies and attitudes. Universal and free education shall be made available. A national program for continuing non-formal and adult education on literacy and numeracy and appropriate skills training for production shall also be drawn up.

Comprehensive artistic and sports and recreation programs shall also be undertaken to develop the people’s well-being. These shall be extended to the basic levels of our society to give the people ample opportunities for their all-rounded physical and mental development, wholesome recreation and general well-being. The new government shall evolve a comprehensive program for urban renewal. Its main components will include a mass-based housing program, adequate public services such as electricity, safe water supply and sanitary household disposal systems, recreation facilities, efficient mass transport and communications systems and pollution control. The problem of urban congestion will be addressed through such programs as the development of the rural economy and uplifting the social and cultural life of the population in the countryside.

The new government shall institute mechanisms to protect consumers; develop a national drug industry and other vital segments of the health care system; ban the entry of hazardous technologies and products; assure the highest standards in the practice of professions in basic services; and impose sanctions on any entity whose irresponsibility results in injury or death.

It shall also restructure the social security system towards improving support for those unemployed or incapacitated by illness, disabilities or age. Special attention shall be given to families of martyrs and veterans of the national democratic revolution. The welfare of the handicapped, the aged, orphans and children shall be given special attention.

The rights of children, especially their protection from abuse and neglect, shall be guaranteed. Displaced people shall be encouraged to return to their places of origin or to new areas where they can be gainfully employed. Demobilized soldiers shall be given ample opportunities to work and earn decent incomes.