12. Adopt an active, independent and peaceful foreign policy.

The National Democratic Front is exerting every effort to garner the broadest possible international support for the revolutionary movement of the Filipino people. In representation of the revolutionary forces, especially the organs of political power, the NDF is seeking diplomatic recognition in accordance with the fact that the revolutionary movement in the Philippines is a co-belligerent in a civil war and not a mere insurgent force.

At the same time, we are vigilant to the domestic and international dangers related to engaging in any talks with the Manila government.In the wake of the end of the cold war, the disintegration of revisionist-ruled regimes, the ceaseless deterioration of neocolonial societies and the singular superpower hegemony of U.S. imperialism, often in the name of the United Nations and international cooperation, the NDF is of the view that the increased oppression and exploitation of the people of the world and the widespread social turmoil will eventually lead to a new and higher level of social revolution on a global scale and that the revolutionary movement of the Filipino people currently plays a special role of holding high the torch of armed revolution against imperialism, neocolonialism and reaction.

The world capitalist system is in an unprecedentedly severe crisis of overproduction. This is devastating to the neocolonial puppet regime in the Philippines. This generates the favorable conditions for the armed revolution. The people’s revolutionary struggle has been as self-reliant as the neocolonial puppet has been overdependent on its imperialist patrons.

Our people’s war is part and supportive of the worldwide struggle against imperialism and reaction being waged by the proletariat and people, national liberation movements, revolutionary parties and progressive states.

Our struggle contributes to their victories, just as these help advance our revolutionary movement. The Philippine revolutionary forces can best contribute to the cause of national liberation, democracy, socialism and peace by winning our own revolutionary struggle.

We wage people’s war self-reliantly but we also need expanded international support— moral, political and material—from the peoples and revolutionary forces abroad, in the face of the ceaseless and escalating US support for the armed counterrevolution. Direct US intervention is increasing and the threat of US aggression is ever present. Those who extend support to the Philippine revolution are true friends of the Filipino people. We are grateful for such support and we receive it in order to further strengthen the revolutionary movement and fight more vigorously then ever before for the national and democratic rights of the people.

After the nationwide seizure of political power by the revolutionary movement, the people’s democratic state shall pursue an active, independent and peaceful foreign policy. The new government shall reject, and vigorously defend itself against all forms of foreign intervention and interference in the country’s internal affairs from all other states. The new government shall establish diplomatic and economic relations with all countries irrespective of ideology or social system. In developing these relations, the principles of mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, mutual benefit, and the peaceful resolution of inter- state conflicts will be followed. The new government shall seek to develop close and warm relations with Third World and socialist countries as well as productive and mutually beneficial relations with capitalist countries.

The new government shall work with states in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific to help create conditions in which each state can develop itself in peace. It shall push for the realization of the zone of peace, freedom and neutrality in Southeast Asia, where nuclear weapons and foreign military bases are prohibited.

The new government shall strive to protect the rights of all migrant Filipinos, and address the problems of Filipinos abroad. It shall also respect the rights of all foreigners temporarily or permanently residing in the Philippines. The new government shall support the just aspirations and struggles of other peoples and actively participate in the movement to establish a just international economic order. The new government shall adhere to the UN Charter and shall oppose the use of the United Nations for the purposes of imperialism, neocolonialism and reaction.

The people’s democratic state shall support any resolution or initiative in the international community that enhances the sovereignty, independence and equality of nations, and that defends and promotes world peace and progress.