New People’s Army & Agrarian Revolution

The revolutionary movement continues to build the people’s army and the peasant movement, solve the problem of landlessness of the peasantry, and build the people’s democratic power even while the reactionary state power is still entrenched in the cities. 

The revolutionary movement’s struggle to abolish feudalism and solve landlessness is in response to the demand of the peasant majority of the Filipino people for a genuine agrarian revolution.

In general, the revolutionary movement through the New People’s Army works together with the peasantry and their revolutionary mass organizations and discusses and plans with them on how to go about reducing land rent, lowering interest rates on loans, raising farm workers’ wages, raising prices of farm products, eradicating usury and so on. This is enforced by advancing mass campaigns and mass actions.

In areas controlled by the revolutionary movement, where the village and municipal revolutionary committees are firmly established, lands, which are often public lands or forestall lands, are distributed for free. At the same time, there is active campaigning for the collectivization of agriculture through simple labor exchange or mutual aid and communal farming. 

The peasantry is also encouraged to rely on their own strength and unity when fighting for their own interest. But they know that the people’s army is behind them to support and protect them in their fight for land.

Today, the anti-feudal mass struggle is surging in many towns and provinces and gaining victories.#