Statement of the Christians for National Liberation

The youth do not solely need material things, let us help them work actively in building a better world.. they need to have those non-material values which are the heart of a people …a  spirituality of generosity, solidarity, perseverance, fraternity, and joy.

Pope Francis
Christians for National Liberation

The year 2019 has been declared as the Year of the Youth, with the theme “Beloved, Gifted, Empowered”.  It is fitting and proper to commemorate  the birthday of Andres Bonifacio  as he is  country’s  “beloved” for having  led  the revolution against the  oppressive  colonizers, “gifted”  with the  sharp analysis of the situation and the generosity to apply  the  appropriate  action which “empowered” his fellow youth that paved the path of our country’s history.

We  at the Christians for National Liberation [CNL] join our fellowmen in commemorating this day and  challenges the youth to  inflame them with faith, passion and courage of Andres Bonifacio. That rooted in our Christian faith, the  youth may be empowered through their collective efforts to influence our society in confusion and to  actively take  part in  building a humane, just and peaceful society.

From the Kabataan Partylist  data  reveals that majority of the Filipino youth have  the  inaccessibility to adequate information, poor quality education, joblessness, and low wages. Their  democratic rights are under attack, which worsens the culture and the climate of impunity. That is  the  challenge of the young  generation now and we at the CNL believe that they can be the generation that can end or make great effort in changing these things. Being the hope of the future is not a mere definition  from our national hero. Instead, it’s a challenge  to use their time, andr talents  to serve the people. Let Andres Bonifacio be their icon for an empowered youth. 

We call on the  Christian churches  with Youth Ministry to encourage and form the young people to the inspiration of the life of Andres Bonifacio.  For the Catholics, let the Year of the Youth be productive by immersing them with the basic sectors, resulting in a different mind set or perspective.  

Let the legacy of Andres Bonifacio inspire and empower the Filipino Youth! 
Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution!  !
Onward the people’s struggle towards national liberation!

Photo from UP Diliman Student Council FB page