Revolutionary Christians oppose Aquino term extension

CNL on Aquino’s term extension

The Christians for National Liberation (CNL), an allied organization of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and composed of revolutionary church people from the Catholic and Protestant churches is one with the broad coalition of toiling masses in exposing and opposing BS Aquino’s cunning moves of extending his stay in power.

The Aquino regime especially its cronies in Congress is planning to push the amendment of the 1987 constitution with the devious objectives of clipping the Supreme Court’s powers that has been critical of his DAP policies. If this will happen, all branches of the government will serve as cover up to his dictatorial ways. Also, Aquino and its allies are pushing for chacha to allow Aquino to run for a second term.

The churchpeople will never be fooled with Aquino’s rhetoric’s of “righteous” way and “wish of my bosses”. They have come to realize that every day that Aquino stays in power, more and more Filipinos suffer from hunger, joblessness, low wages, landlessness, spiralling prices and poverty. True to his class and being subservient to the dictates of his true “bosses”—the U.S. government, big comprador bourgeoisie, the big landlords and the corrupt bureaucrats—Aquino is the ultimate puppet of U.S. imperialism and the great defender of bureaucrat capitalists. In so doing, he blatantly neglects and abandoned the poor and marginalized sectors of society.

Aquino’s continued support for neoliberal policies reveal his utter disregard and detestation towards the toiling masses and his treacherous sell out of the country to the imperialists. By steadfastly defending the pork barrel system, he has exposed his corrupt and deceptive methods. His insistence that the Priority Development Acceleration Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, are used “in goodwill” are no other than poor excuses to bribe senators and congressmen to ensure their loyalty and advance his political agenda.

President Aquino’s total control over the Congress and his plans to clip the powers of the Supreme Court is a clear threat of a possible dictatorship patterned upon the same Marcos pseudo-populist rhetoric by extending his term beyond 2016. The sacrifices and martyrdom of the hundreds and thousands of church people during the Marcos dictatorship and subsequent regimes would be meaningless if we will not remain vigilant against human rights violations, corruption, cronyism and family dynasties, landlessness, patronage politics, and allowing American imperialists to meddle with our political and economic affairs. It is a deplorable thing to know that US military bases and the imperialist intrusion into our economy and political affairs are now considered Constitutional through the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

The CNL has vowed to mobilize its members of church people -bishops, priests, religious and laypeople in the urgent call to oust this landlord “thief executive”. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the vast majority of workers, peasants, urban poor, women and the youth, we renew our commitment to free this nation from the shackle of corruption, tyranny and repression. Likewise, the CNL joins all progressive and patriotic forces in waging the national democratic revolution in order to put an end to the oppressive, exploitative, corrupt and U.S. backed regime.

With the ever heightening class contradiction within the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, we, the churchpeople have no other recourse but to intensify the struggle to put an end to the corrupt, oppressive and decadent Aquino regime. In the midst of this evil and unjust society, it is our prophetic task and our moral imperative that pushes us to take the road to revolution! The Kingdom of peace, justice, equality and freedom could never be actualized so long as U.S. imperialists and their minions rule this country; the overthrow of the Aquino regime is one important step towards the realization of this Kingdom.

Let Aquino pay for the rising poverty and misery of the Filipino people!
Down with U.S. imperialism and bureaucrat capitalism!
Never Again to Martial Law!
Advance the National Democratic Revolution!
Long Live the Christians for National Liberation!