On the positive outcome of Oslo talks

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 18, 2016

Group picture after the signing of the Oslo Joint Statement. Photo by Ayik Casilao
Group picture after the signing of the Oslo Joint Statement. Photo by Ayik Casilao

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) congratulates the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel and representatives of the incoming Duterte regime for attaining positive results in the June 14-15 preliminary talks held in Oslo, Norway. The meeting was facilitated by the Royal Norwegian Government.

The CPP fully supports the agreements made during the preliminary talks. The positive atmosphere and outcome was reflected in the joint statement issued on June 15.

The CPP is elated that an agreement was reached to pursue peace negotiations starting the third week of July on the basis of previously signed agreements. The CPP welcomes the plan to accelerate negotiations to complete the remaining substantive items of socio-economic reforms, political and constitutional reforms, and ending hostilities and disposition of forces.

The CPP also supports the plan to reconstitute the list of personnel who will be protected under the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and release all political prisoners through an Amnesty Proclamation to be concurred to by the Philippine congress.

The CPP is also pleased that the Duterte panel will recommend to have all NDFP consultants released in order to allow them to participate in peace talks. Their plan to recommend the release of political prisoners on humanitarian grounds is also highly commendable.

The CPP also welcomes the plan to discuss an interim ceasefire and its

The attitude of the incoming Duterte regime toward peace negotiations with the NDFP is big departure from that of the Aquino and Arroyo regimes. Under the previous two regimes, peace negotiations were regarded mainly as a psywar operation that was a secondary to and served only the counter-revolutionary war of suppression.

Considering how the incoming Duterte regime is vigorously pursuing talks with the NDFP, even before being formally inaugurated into office, the CPP and all revolutionary forces expect peace negotiations with the Duterte regime to move forward with unprecedented speed.

If the Duterte regime will continue to pursue this path, the CPP expects peace negotiations to attain historic achievements over the coming period. The CPP and revolutionary forces under the NDFP are looking forward to discuss and forge agreements with the Duterte regime with the aim of serving the nationalist and democratic interests of the people and pursuing their democratic empowerment.

The CPP and all revolutionary forces reiterate its full support to the NDFP Negotiating Panel, its head Luis Jalandoni, NDPF Senior Political Consultant Jose Ma. Sison, and NDPF panel members Fidel V. Agcaoili, Julie de Lima Sison, Coni Ledesma and their consultants and assistants.