Human rights violations and corruption of Duterte regime drive the people to clamor for revival of armed city partisans

JOSE MARIA SISON | CHIEF POLITICAL CONSULTANT  NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC FRONT OF THE PHILIPPINES I was a guest in a recent international webinar on the wanton violations of human rights and the rampant use of Oplan Tokhang methods by the military and police minions of the Duterte regime to torture and murder NDFP political consultants, social activists,

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The Twelve Points of the NDF Program

  The National Democratic Front is committed to the Filipino people’s revolutionary struggle for the completion of the national democratic revolution through people’s war. This national democratic revolution is of a new type because it is led by the working class and

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Women in Revolution: Maria Lorena Barros and MAKIBAKA

By CONI K. LEDESMA International Spokesperson Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA) 22 March 2015Utrecht, the Netherlands Good afternoon, dear sisters, comrades and friends. My talk this afternoon will focus on a Filipina revolutionary and her contribution to the national democratic movement,

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Historic role and contributions of Kabataang Makabayan

Essay to celebrate the 50th Founding Anniversary of Kabataang Makabayan By JOSE MARIA SISONFounding Chairman, Kabataang Makabayan Having been the founding chairman of Kabataang Makabayan (KM) in 1964, and having led it until the necessity for me to go underground in 1968,