General Palparan’s death squad behind the abduction and murder of Davao election campaigners

Regional Political Department
Merardo Arce Command
NPA-Southern Mindanao

The New People's Army in Southern Mindanao categorically denies any responsibility for the abduction and brutal murder of civilian Juliana Noquera, and another Anad-Bantay Partylist election campaigner in Davao City last March 24.

The NPA has no reason to do such act. More importantly, abductions, tortures, murders and other strong arm tactics are fascist methods that are absolutely against the principles of the revolutionary movement. Rather, they are patented moves bearing the signature of the butcher General Jovito Palparan.

Palparan's death squad is behind the abduction and brutal murder of their own campaigners for motives that are too obvious. First, it serves fascist black propaganda. Attributing the gruesome crime to the NPA actually serves to perpetuate the lie that the people's army kills innocent civilians.

Second, it serves the worn-out Bantay-Anad Team Nograles yarn that Davao City is a dangerous place under its current mayor, and thus serves the electoral objectives of Bantay-Anad partylists and that of GRP House Speaker Prospero Nograles who wants to sit as the next Davao City Mayor. These are cheap murderous propaganda stunts to gather sympathy votes.

The NPA also calls as pure lie the statements of the PNP Calinan who claimed that the NPA has sent death threats to Noquera months before the abduction. It is plain to see that the PNP conveniently pins the blame on the NPA to avoid its responsibility of digging deeper into the real motive and perpetrators of the crime and cover up its utter incompetence to solve the gruesome crime.