Filipinos overseas: part of the progressive and revolutionary forces fighting for liberation and democracy

Compatriots Message to the NDFP 48th anniversary

Compatriots, the revolutionary organization of overseas Filipinos, sends our warmest and most militant greetings to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on the occasion of its 48th anniversary.

As one of the newest members of the NDFP, we are proud to be part of the biggest and most consolidated united front of the exploited and oppressed Filipino people fighting to overthrow the semicolonial and semifeudal system and build a society that is truly free, genuinely democratic, progressive, peaceful and just.

Through the years, the people have seen the growth of the NDFP.

Revolutionary organizations of various sectors have sprung up since the dark years of martial law and all throughout the successive regimes, proving the deep and wide sentiment of the Filipino people for revolutionary changes.

We give the highest tribute and salute to recent fallen comrades who were members of the NDFP peace negotiating panel, especially comrade Fidel Agcaoili whose contributions to the development of the revolutionary movement of overseas Filipinos were felt and experienced by many of us in the Compatriots.

The revolutionary tradition of overseas Filipinos is long. From the anti-colonial struggle up to the present, Filipinos overseas have been part of the progressive and revolutionary forces fighting for liberation and democracy.

The aspirations of overseas Filipinos resonate in the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective that the people are waging.

Even before the NDFP was established in 1973, work among overseas Filipinos was already initiated by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) alongside the performance of its international work.

Though it took a few decades before the Compatriots was established, underground work among overseas Filipinos was already thriving in many countries.

Revolutionary Filipinos overseas have continuously given political and material contributions towards the advancement of our people’s struggle especially for the armed struggle waged in the countryside.

The establishment of Compatriots was most significant as it signaled the united will of revolutionary Filipinos outside the country to participate in bringing the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective to victory.

Presently, Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad are facing one of the most brutal, traitorous and anti-people regimes in our history.

But our fighting will continues to grow and strengthen as each attack fortifies our determination to see an end to the current system that kills, exploits and oppresses the majority.

In this glorious struggle, the Compatriots will always be with the NDFP and the Filipino people.

Dare to struggle, dare to win! Long live the NDFP!

Ka Victoria Del Mundo

Spokesperson, Compatriots-NDFP

April 24, 2021