Extra-judicial killings and human rights violation, rampant in Rizal province!

Spokesperson, NDFP-Rizal

Since Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino III assumed the presidency and continued the most hated counter-insurgency program named OPLAN BANTAY LAYA II, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police (AFP-PNP) have continued to harass, maim and kill civilians they suspect as members of the revolutionary movement.

Noynoy Aquino's campaign promise that once in power, his government will be different from the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime is turning out to be an empty pronouncement and a normal traditional politician's promise that is expected never to be fulfilled.

Instead, what is happening now is that human rights violations are continuing with the perpetrators never prosecuted because they belong to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

In Rizal Province alone, since Noynoy assumed power, human rights violations become rampant. Extra-judicial killings continued with six (6) civilians being killed helplessly by members of the notorious "butcher" Palparan Batallion, the 16th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army-AFP, and by members of the Special Action Force Maneuver Battalion-PNP.

Those killed were three members of indigenous tribe DUMAGAT who are also members of KATRIBU partylist namely Galman Navarte, Demilita Largo and Benita San Jose who were killed by motorcycle riding members of 16th IB-PA-AFP death squad last 19 July 2010 in San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal. They also killed Rene "Buhawi" Resureccion, Macabud, Rodriguez, Rizal whom they shot in the head last August 2010. These four civilians were killed near the army detachment of the 16th IB-PA.

Another batch of civilians were killed last week of September 2010 in Puray, Rodriquez, Rizal. Members of a joint platoon from the 16th IB-PA and SAF Maneuver Battalion-PNP strafed the huts of wood gatherers (magkakahoy) and instantly killed a 25 year-old power saw operator Mr. Junior Asyong and his helper Mr. Cocoy, both of Sitio Lucutan, San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal. Four of their companions luckily escaped unhurt and are hiding now, fearing for their lives. To cover-up for this crime, the 16th IB-PA and SAF-PNP claimed that the persons they killed were New People's Army-Rizal members.

Last 13 October 2010, two members of DUMAGAT tribe who were also former NPA members were illegally arrested, detained without charges and until now are being held against their will and not being shown to their families and friends. They are Alberto San Jose, 24 years old, single and residing in Puray, Montalban, Rizal and Crisanto dela Calzada, 23 years old, single and temporarily residing in Puray, Roriguez, Rizal.

They are being forced to act as guides during military operations. It's just a matter of time before the 16th IB-PA will present them to the media as NPA officers who voluntarily surrendered to them. We are expecting that they will be boastful in their claims and they will surely claim that the two former NPA members are officers with high positions in the NPA-Rizal, coupled with the claim that they are winning the war against the revolutionary movement in Rizal.

The whole revolutionary movement in Rizal Province vehemently condemns these cowardly acts of members of the AFP-PNP. Extra-judicial killings and human rights violations must be stopped and perpetrators must be punished.

We are calling the attention of the church and concerned local government official and individuals who revere human rights to continue their fight to protect the peoples' rights and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. We are also calling on the newly elected Sanggunian Bayan of Rodriguez, Rizal, thru its Mayor Cecilio "Ilyong" Hernandez and Governor Casimiro "Jun-Jun" Ynares III to investigate, prosecute and punish the perpetrators. They must remove the notorious "Butcher" Palparan Batallion 16th IB-PA and the SAF Maneuver Batallion-PNP from the province of Rizal.

They must act before it's too late. Surely, these extra-judical killings in Rodriguez, Rizal will not be the last. We also would like to remind the newly elected local government officials in Rodriguez and the Province of Rizal to fulfill their promise of serving their constituents. Being silent on the issues of extra-judicial killings and human rights violations in Rizal is tantamount to condoning them.

These extra-judicial killings perpetrated by AFP-PNP are desperate acts because of their inability to defeat the revolutionary movement in Rizal Province. Instead of being defeated, the revolutionary movement in Rizal continue to grow in strength and influence, and successfully foils the campaign of suppression by the AFP-PNP.

Instead of being weakened, the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People's Army and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Rizal province are becoming stronger. In the past, the Arroyo regime became one of the recruiters of the NPA. It is turning out now that the present Aquino regime is no different from its predecessor in terms of recruiting warm bodies for the New People's Army. Together with the different sectors of our society, we demand: