Arroyo security forces continue to terrorize indigenous communities of Tubo, Abra

50th Infantry Battalion and 52nd Reconnaissance Company continue to terrorize Tubo, Abra

By Ka Diego Wadagan
Spokesperson, NPA Agustin Begnalen Command

Since arriving in Pananuman on March 12, the military troops turned the community into a garrison. They forcibly occupied the elementary school buildings, barangay hall, church, and village dap-ay (traditional council house). They set up their 60 mm and 81 mm mortars and a 105 mm howitzer cannon right within the residential area and turned the school ground into a helipad. Heavy artillery bombing continues to be launched from within the residential area of Pananuman. Since March 25, more than 95 mortar and howitzer cannon shells have been fired day and night. The people of Pananuman, Tubtuba and nearby communities could not sleep at night due to the continuous bombing.

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