The NDFP cannot trust any government that does not know how to comply with existing agreements like the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Agreement. The Aquino regime has unilaterally rendered this agreement inoperative by refusing to honor documents of identification issued under JASIG and by blocking the reconstitution of verification documents destroyed by the Dutch police as a result of the request of the Arroyo regime to arrest me and raid the NDF Information office and the private homes belonging to NDFP negotiators and consultants in 2007.

The same malicious person Teresita Q. Deles has occupied the position of OPAPP both under the regimes of Arroyo and Aquino and she is obsessed with nullifying all previous agreements, including The Hague Joint Declaration, the JASIG and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.
She keeps on preconditioning the peace talks by maliciously demanding the nullification of the aforesaid agreements. She is also claiming that Generals Fidel Ramos and Manuel Yan, then president and OPAPP secretary, were not “military” enough or tough enough for allowing then Rep. Jose V. Yap and Justice Secretary to make the said agreements with the NDFP.
Thanks to Deles, she has sabotaged the peace negotiations under the last two presidents, Arroyo and Aquino, and has unwittingly contributed to the continuance of the people’s war for national liberation and democracy. Indeed, truce and cooperation with the NDFP can be realized only if there were a president who can stand for national independence, people’s democracy, social justice, economic development through national industrialization and land reform and a patriotic, scientific and progressive culture.
The NDFP can wait patiently for the crisis of the world capitalist system and local ruling system to further worsen and prod the president of the puppet republic to become patriotic and intelligent enough to seek national unity, peace and cooperation with the revolutionary forces and people represented by the NDFP.
Young cadres of the revolutionary forces have been replenishing the ranks of their veteran comrades. They can continue the people’s democratic revolution and protracted people’s war indefinitely until a negotiated peace agreement becomes possible.
In the meantime, the OPAPP is nothing but a psywar agency of the reactionary armed forces and is a major center of military and bureaucratic corruption in the abuse and misuse of the scores of billions of pesos under the Conditional Cash Transfer Program. The corrupt practices and violent military and police actions are deceptively called peace and development operations.###

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 10, 2015