Historic Leap

The basic class contradictions are sharpening. High on the agenda of the nation—and around which conflicting classes and forces are bound to collide intensely—are such basic issues as real national independence and subservience, agrarian reform, economic impositions of imperialist banks and governments, fascism and democracy, and civil war and peace. The question of self- determination of the Bangsa Moro, the Cordillera peoples and the indigenous peoples also cries out for urgent resolution.

Popular discontent with the rule of the exploiting classes and the powerful anti-imperialist ferment are spreading through the entire fabric of Philippine society. Wider and wider sections of the people clamor for radical and comprehensive change. The outbreaks of mass protest are becoming more frequent, organized, militant and widespread—taking the form of strikes by the working class and sectors of the intelligentsia, peasant struggles for lower land rents and interest rates, and big rallies and marches by different classes and sectors. All these reflect the higher level of anti-imperialist and democratic consciousness and militancy of the people.

Progressive currents are sweeping through the middle social strata and moving them to advocate fundamental change and gravitate towards more radical and revolutionary approaches and forms of action. More and more leaders and influential members of the churches, media, academe, business and government itself are coming forward to espouse anti-imperialist and democratic demands and support mass struggles. A broader and higher unity of patriotic and democratic forces is rapidly taking shape.

Firmly raising the banner of national democracy, the revolutionary forces have been in the forefront of the people’s struggles and have persevered in people’s war in the face of the depredations of the total war policy. Despite the full weight of the armed counterrevolution and despite the difficulties, limitations and setbacks it has had to overcome, the revolutionary movement has continued to win significant victories. It is now engaged in a rectification movement to correct serious deviations, errors and weaknesses. Its main objective is to overcome the damage and disorientations, further strengthen the revolutionary forces, and bring back the revolution to the correct and solid path of advance.

Given all these, any attempt by any reactionary faction to reimpose open fascist rule or escalate armed terror against the people in the futile attempt to arrest the revolutionary momentum is bound to sharpen national and class antagonism as well as widen the rifts within the ruling classes.

The current strength of the revolutionary forces is bound to rise to a new and higher level. The people are determined to fight for national and social emancipation. The crisis is goading them to fight for their national and democratic rights. No matter what US imperialism and its puppets do, they cannot in the long run prevent the overthrow of the unjust and bankrupt ruling order.