Warm Greetings of Solidarity to CARC, Italy in its celebration of the Centenary of the October Revolution

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) conveys its warm greetings of solidarity to the Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy on organiziang an intiative within its National Festival of Peoples’ Revival, on August 12, 2017 in Massa, Italy, a celebration of the Centenary of the October Revolution.

We endorse your objective of drawing from the teachings of the historic October Revolution what is useful for building the socialist revolution, and in particular as regards your revolutionary work in Italy.

We wish you much success in celebrating the Centenary of the October Revolution with revolutionary representatives from other countries such as from Venezuela, Kurdistan and the Philippines.

For us in the Philippines, the Centenary of the October Revolution is a special occasion and opportunity to deepen our integraion and links with the workers, the peasants, the women, youth, the urban poor, the indigenous peoples and other sectors struggling to defeat imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. We have to take up the concrete issues of massive human rights violations by the Duterte regime and the military under martial law declared by Duterte in Mindanao, the intensified oppression and exploitation of the workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, women and youth and urban poor.

We mobilize the masses in broad campaigns to strengthen their organizations and to help build our organs of political power in 71 provinces out of a total 82 provinces. With the broad and strong support of the masses, the revolutionary party, the people’s army and the national democratic front are making significant revolutionary gains.

We also take this occasion of the Centenary of the October Revolution to hold conferences abroad, to strengthen the organization of our Overseas Filipinos and Migrant Workers and our solidarity with international organizations.

We express once again our deep appreciation for the solidarity support you are giving to our Filipino migrant workers in Italy.

Again, we convey our warmest wishes of success in your celebration of the Centenary of the October Revolution. We wish you more victories in deepening your integration with the working masses in Italy and thereby further firming up the growth of your revolutionary forces.

Long live the Party of the Committee to Support Resistance – for Communism, CARC – Italy!

Long live the historical inspiration and legacy of the October Revolution!

Long live the solidarity between the Italian people and the Filipino people!

Long live the international solidarity of peoples striving for socialism!

Luis G. Jalandoni
Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines