Wage revolutionary struggle to put an end to the spiral of terrorist violence

Communist Party of the Philippines

Beating his chest, US imperialist chieftain Barack Obama declared, "Justice has been done", as he announced the killing last Sunday of Osama bin Laden carried out by his interventionist troops in Pakistan. The coalition of imperialist countries and their puppets dutifully hailed and rejoiced over the killing of bin Laden whom they have tagged as responsible for the "9/11" attacks in New York as well as numerous other terror attacks against US imperialist targets.

Seeking to rally the American people, Obama drummed up the killing of bin Laden as a "testament to the greatness" of the US. In the vain hope of standing on the moral highground, he has gone all the way in deceiving the American people and the international community by claiming that the US "did not choose this fight."

He chose to ignore the long history of US wars of aggression and crimes against humanity in the past century which imposed American hegemony on other sovereign nations. These were carried out by the US with the aim of controlling oil resources, fields of investment and markets and extending its political and military power.

Just like his predecessors, Obama conveniently omits the brutality and violence perpetrated by the US in its history of colonization and neocolonization: the killing of close to 500,000 Filipinos in the course of its occupation and subsequent half a century colonization of the Philippines; its mass killing of close to 150,000 Japanese people by the unnecessary dropping of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima towards the end of the Second World War in 1946; its war of intervention in Korea in the 1950s; its imposition of economic sanctions against Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Libya causing great hardships on entire populations; its war against the Vietnamese people and the use of biological and incendiary weapons; its intervention in the Balkans; its invasion of Kuwait and Iraq; its support of the Zionist war against the Palestinian people; its war of intervention against Afghanistan; its current war of aggression against Libya; and so on.

Amid worsening economic depression, US imperialism is bound to engage further in more hegemonic wars. Not only do wars provide vast profit-making opportunities for the US military-industrial complex, they also draw the American people's attention away from the grave domestic economic crisis and rally them under the banner of US ultra-nationalism.

As the US intensifies its wars of aggression, it is also bound to commit greater acts of brutality against peoples around the world. Even now, the bombs dropped from its predator drones and the indiscriminate firing by trigger-happy and paranoid American soldiers continue to cause mass casualties among the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere. American soldiers in foreign bases and military facilities such as those in the Philippines are let off the hook when they rape women and trample on local laws. They carry out one clandestine military operation after another in complete disregard of the laws and freedom of these sovereign states.

By continuing to carry out its hegemonic wars, the US continues to provoke both retaliation by small terror circles and revolutionary mass resistance.

Retaliation through acts of terror is the basest reaction. Acts of reprisal are being carried out by individuals and groups whose thirst for justice can only be satisfied by harming the American people in the same way that the US imperialists harmed their people. Repaying one act of terror with another is reactionary and antipeople. It does not hurt the giant imperialist ogre but only gives it justification to become even more violent. It can only result in a rising spiral of violence aimed at civilians. In the past decade, the US has carried out countless acts of terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere by invoking the 9/11 attack. This has only engendered the formation of countless groups that are guided by the narrow-minded objectives of revenge.

The killing of Osama bin Laden will not put an end to this war between the small terrorist groups and the US, the world's No. 1 terrorist. It will only bring it to a new and higher level.

Only by waging revolutionary anti-imperialist resistance can the peoples of the world put an end to the US reign of terror. In contrast to the acts of terror of small groups, revolutionary resistance is a mass undertaking of freedom-loving peoples who aspire to shatter the imperialist shackles that have kept them exploited and oppressed.

Revolutionary resistance entails raising the historic and social consciousness of the people, building their organized political and military power, adapting revolutionary strategy and tactics to the particularity of their countries, waging mass struggles, building international solidarity and carrying out revolutionary armed struggles. All these are aimed at weakening and overthrowing the imperialist powers and their puppet reactionary states that thrive on and perpetuate the oppressive and exploitative system.

In the face of the intensification of the international capitalist crisis, mass struggles are being mounted around the world. Enormous mass demonstrations are being carried out against unemployment, cuts in social spending, rising prices of oil and other commodities, poverty, hunger and the incompetence and failure of ruling governments to provide palpable solutions to the people's problems.

The oppressed peoples of the world are becoming increasingly aware that only by waging mass struggles can they effectively oppose US imperialism and put an end to its acts of terror.