Tyrant Duterte is culpable for state terrorism and is compelling the people to wage armed revolution

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Duterte is trying in vain to scapegoat the CPP and NPA as pretext for state terrorism and nullifying basic civil and political rights of the people. He is making false claims against the CPP and NPA in order to scare the people and make them accept his law of state terrorism. As I have already pointed out in an earlier statement, there is a strong possibility that he will make false flag operations in order to misrepresent and vilify the revolutionary movement.

Duterte will always fail to misrepresent and vilify the CPP and NPA and the revolutionary mass movement as “terrorist” because they are motivated by the highest principles of the revolutionary proletariat and human civilization and shun anything that is offensive to the people whom they are striving to arouse, organize and mobilize to advance and win victory in the revolutionary struggle for national liberation and democracy against US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

Duterte and his running dogs in the military and police are the ones committing gross and systematic violations of human rights and crimes against humanity. That’s why they have become liable for prosecution and trial before the International Criminal Court as well as before the people’s court system of the people’s democratic government in the Philippines. Now, they have the law of state terrorism which practically nullifies the entire Bill of Rights in the bourgeois liberal constitution of 1987, which is still better than the projected fascist constitution prepared by servants of Duterte in Congress.

Duterte and his running dogs in the military and police expose themselves as big liars. Every day in the commercial mass media, the propaganda offices of the tyrant, the military and police claim that the CPP, NPA, the revolutionary mass organizations and organs of political power have been dismantled or decimated several times over their estimated size by killings, surrenders and bribing local officials and communities. But these big liars insist that they still need a law of state terrorism to attack the civil and political rights of the entire people.

Duterte had the opportunity to negotiate a just peace with the NDFP based on a definite bourgeois-democratic program of genuine land reform and national industrialization but he preferred to terminate the peace negotiations in order to push his scheme of fascist dictatorship. And he sold out to China the oil and gas resources estimated at USD 26 trillion in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea. These resources would have been more than enough to finance the aforesaid program of genuine land reform and national industrialization.

If the tyrannical Duterte regime has its way in keeping and enforcing its law of state terrorism, it will have the unlimited license to attack and violate the basic democratic rights of the people to an extent and in ways far worse than the use by Marcos of the commander-in-chief provision in the Constitution in order to declare martial law in 1972. He let the Bill of Rights remain intact. In the case of Duterte’s law of state of state terrorism, it abolishes the Bill of Rights and the fascists are allowed to arrest, detain, torture, kill and confiscate bank assets and properties on the basis of mere suspicion and red-tagging.

If the tyrant Duterte and his military and police running dogs have their way, the Filipino people will suffer terribly more than ever before from the brutal violations of human rights and the rapid deterioration of their social and economic conditions. The Duterte regime has already bankrupted the entire economy and his own government by plundering the public treasury and by sinking the country in extreme indebtedness.

As a result of the intolerable and escalating conditions of oppression and exploitation under a law of state terrorism, the revolutionary movement of the people will grow in strength and advance more rapidly than during the years of 1972 to 1986 when those being threatened by martial law went underground and eventually joined the CPP and NPA. Thanks to the brutality and stupidity of Duterte and his armed minions, they are compelling many people to join the revolutionary underground and participate in the people’s war for national and social liberation against foreign and feudal domination.###