Truth and reason will not be overcome, onwards with the struggle against Marcos regime’s censorship

Ma. Roja Banua | Spokesperson | NDF-Bicol | National Democratic Front of the Philippines, September 03, 2022

This government is illegitimate. It has no right to call itself the Filipino people’s leader as it is the mastermind behind the debauchery of the people’s rights and civil liberties. For a country that delusively peddles itself as democratic, the government’s brazen systematic suppression of one of the most basic tenets of a democratic country: free speech, is an outright insult to the public and their intellect. How can arbitrarily declaring that any individual or organization who dare be critical and pro-masses enemies of the state ever be democratic?

These past few months, various social media accounts and websites owned by the revolutionary movement including the CPP-NPA-NDF Bikol were victimized by severe censorship and cyberattacks. These attacks are similar to those experienced by progressive media outfits such as Rappler, Bulatlat, Altermidya and Pinoy Weekly. Even without a formal declaration of martial law, it is starkly clear that the newly installed Marcos regime will spare no space for the public’s voice.

Both progressive and revolutionary perspectives are being stripped of avenues for the simple crime of genuinely reflecting the average Filipino’s sentiments. Anyone who dares to analyze, question and demand accountability from this government for its criminal negligence and glaring condemnation of the masses are tagged as terrorists. It expeditiously set its lackeys of disinformation loose against all who aim to deliver truth and reason. Instead of addressing societal issues, it ends the discussion simply by burying them and suppressing any type of opposition. Even worse is that it happens along with the thousand and one other faces of suppression and state fascism.

NDF-Bikol is one with all the other progressive and revolutionary individuals and entities equally experiencing this illegitimate and inutile government’s attacks, debasement, demonization, criminalization and witchhunt. It is only just to continue with the struggle in the name of the people and country’s interests. Seek space for the public’s voice in all possible avenues and forms.

NDF-Bikol also calls on all those who value liberty and reason to join the fight for genuine democracy. Enliven democracy by tirelessly demanding for reforms and programs, practicing the right to free speech, assembly and movement, joining organizations they so choose, and condemning the outright failure, fascism and negligence of the government in all its responsible branches.