Tribute to Prof. Sison on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Dear friends,

The revolutionary thoughts of Prof. Jose Maria Sison have been a great influence among the Philippines' progressive academics for years. This is so not only because they provide a definitive description and explanation to the grave economic and political crises buffeting the society but also because they represent the progressive theoretical perspective to fundamental social issues that continue to be muddled by anachronistic bourgeois thinking.

Professor Sison's revolutionary thoughts are tested in the practice of the national democratic struggle in the Philippines for national liberation and social emancipation. His sharp analyses of modern imperialism and the continuing crisis of monopoly capitalism are a gem of wisdom especially among those seeking enlightenment on today's global economic recession that is bound to deteriorate into a catastrophic depression. His works on this global concern easily debunk the hegemonic neo-liberal thinking and impositions even as they provide a source of inspiration to the working class and other exploited and oppressed sectors that change is possible.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend my birthday greetings to Professor Sison! Mabuhay ka!

Prof. Bobby Tuazon

Former head, Political Science Committee
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Philippines, Manila