Tokhang methods of mass murder are being applied against social activists and critics of Duterte regime

Comment by Jose Maria Sison

It is obvious that the kind of “more active role” that the PNP is asking for under EO 70 is the license to apply Tokhang methods against the social activists and critics of the Duterte regime. In fact, the military and police are already collaborating in the extrajudicial killing of social activists and critics of the regime.

The escalation of bloody attacks by the state terrorists on the more articulate sectors of Philippine society will arouse faster and more widely the outrage of the people against the regime than the mass murder of the less articulate and poor urban slum dwellers labelled as drug users and pushers.

The Duterte regime is extending the mass murder of the poor to the more articulate social activists and critics. Their martyrdom will inflame the people and generate the further growth of their revolutionary forces. Tyranny always unwittingly creates the revolutionary movement that ultimately topples it.