To believe the No. 1 terrorist promising justice is plain lunacy


23 December 2020

Immediately after the violent and brutal killings of Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank, by a police officer in Paniqui town, Tarlac province last December 21, a video of the killings went the rounds of mainstream and social media.

The shocking video of the merciless killings generated an avalanche of hashtags and strong calls to stop the killings, police brutality and terrorism, and justice for the victims went viral and reverberated not only in the Philippines but also abroad.

It is lunacy to believe that Duterte, the number 1 terrorist, can render justice to his regime’s victims of brutal violence.

Duterte and his blood-thirsty generals and police’ perorating justice has become a nervous reflex to dodge public fury and bury the killings as another incidence of the regime’s brutal war against the people – the genocide of tens of thousands of poor people, assassinations – of non-combatants, peace and human rights advocates, the sick and elderly, the arrests of activists and the red-tagging of progressives and ordinary citizens expressing condemnation of the abominations of the regime.

The regime’s plea to consider the terrorist cop, who pulled the trigger on the mother and son, as an exception has time and again been shamelessly betrayed by countless other war crimes involving the nameless and powerless.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) are the protectors of a regime and system that is rotten and violent to the core, and a purveyor of chaos, armed conflict, and disorder – its generals and officers virtually running the regime.

It is just for the people to turn their anger and grief into a movement for the immediate overthrow of this terrorist regime that has been brutalizing and heaping violence on the people and has turned the whole country into a valley of tears.

It is to their interest to work for genuine and fundamental changes in the whole social, political and economic system that will construct the path to genuine democracy, social justice, economic prosperity and peace.#

Ma. Lourdes Barros

International Information Office


Utrecht, The Netherlands