The rival behemoths terrorize themselves and the masses

By Jose Maria Sison

The rival behemoths are aggressive and pose as fearless 
As they compete to control and rob the working people, 
Oppress entire nations, lord over oceans and continents,
Force themselves upon the prostrate and hapless earth. 

They seem to have no fear of their own decline or death 
As they terrorize themselves and the people of the world
With the constant threat of sudden death by the outbursts
Of nuclear bombs delivered by overextended phalluses.

And of course they either ignore or are oblivious of coming
To the point of no return from too much heat and slow death
As the icebergs melt, oceans swell to swallow the cities
Forests ignite, deserts expand and storms come fierce and often.

But the behemoths seem to be terrified by the pathogens
Coming from bio-warfare labs or from dwindling forests
Raped by transnational corporations mindless of the people
And the environment but ever mindful of profits and privilege.

Behind the behemoths’ show of fear and concern over the plague
Lurks the scheme to save and further serve their interest.
They grab more power and resources in the people’s name
As they shift to them the burden of hunger, illness and death.

The lockdowns during the plague show how the wealthy classes
Divide and rule the people, punish the poor without mercy.
The behemoths and their agents perpetuate the injustice and misery
Until the masses end the constant lockdown by the ruling system,