The NDFP’s defense of the rights of the Filipino child


Harsh world for the children and the people's resistance

The children of today live in an unprecedentedly harsh world, in which US imperialists and their followers can violate human rights with impunity and stigmatize the victims as the culprits. Under the auspices of the United Nations, the IMF, World Bank and the WTO coordinate the exploitation of the people of the world under the inhuman neoliberal economic policy. The US and other imperialist powers have used the UN repeatedly to justify, facilitate, carry out, prolong or prettify aggression and repression.

How many children in Iraq were killed by being deprived of food and medicine under the UN and US-UK policy of economic sanctions for more than ten years? At least 500,000 children. And how many more children have been killed by the US war of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan and by the murderous policies and acts of the occupation and puppet government? How many of the children have been felled by disease for lack of clean water and proper food and have been deprived of education due to the destruction of the social infrastructure? How many children are scarred for life by the traumatic experience of the cruelties of aggressive war? Further, how many more children are to be killed, maimed or traumatized by cruel sanctions and wars of aggression as the US continues to impose its imperialist power on the entire Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia and elsewhere?

The US and its bilateral and multilateral instruments (including the UN) cannot claim moral authority whatsoever to sit in judgment of and discredit genuine national liberation movements. It is clear that the US and its imperialist and puppet allies exploit the issue of human rights and humanitarianism as the pretext for military intervention and aggression.

Thus they work hard to manipulate the highly emotive issue of child rights and invent stories of the violation of child rights by the revolutionary forces in order to discredit the very people and the revolutionary forces that oppose the system that exploits and oppresses children and that therefore violates their rights in so many ways.

But the people of the world know better than to let the US and its accomplices go on violating the national and democratic rights and the entirety of human rights, including those of women and children. They are rising up to resist imperialist war and plunder. They want to build a new and better world in which they can enjoy the blessings of national independence, democracy, social justice, development and world peace.