Terrrrrible, Bok!

NDFP legal counsel Atty. Edre Olalia presents records of human rights violations committed by government troops during the third round of talks in Rome in January 2017.

Edre U. Olalia
Legal Consultant
NDFP Negotiating Panel

Ep is a huge loss. He was always ahead of his time. Always on the rush as if there is no tomorrow. 

And uncannily thoughtful, always way ahead of everybody to greet you on your birthday.

He can be exacting and quite impatient. And can be driven you should see his alimango face and cracking voice in righteous anger. 

But Pide is so human, humorous and humble. And adorably mean in teasing or roasting you with silly banter and repartees. No wonder he was not called Dolphy for nothing (aside from being his  doppelganger when his hair was not yet vanishing).

And he cries, I assure you. Especially when he is livid with injustice. Or when a bosom kasama was bedridden. 

Fidel was literally tireless, consumed and passionate about changing society for the poor and oppressed.He gave up a choice of luxurious life and lived modestly. 

I have worked with him up close since 1996 in the peace negotiations and I have been infected by his thoroughness (“oc-oc-ness”), decisiveness and need for clarity of thought and analysis. 

We went through a lot of trying times and triumphant moments. 

He has touched so many lives and his work ethic and commitment is beyond compare.

I have lost a dear and close client, comrade and friend. 

It is surreal you won’t be a dynamic and omnipresent fixture anymore in the office and in the negotiating table again, Bok.

“Terible!” Lagi ka kasi nauuna at nagmamadali.

Pahinga ka na. Malayo at masukal na ang iyong narating. Kami na tutuloy. Mahal ka namin, Boks.

Atty. Edre Olalia, NDFP Legal Consultant