Stop the killings, fool! Reckoning is coming soon

Malacanang and presidential factotum Harry Roque should just shut up and order their fascist brutes and death squads to stop the killing of activists, the harassment of Philippine media and opposition leaders.

Instead of resorting to its vile habit of blurting out senseless expletives, the Duterte regime should pay close attention to the latest resolution of the European Union Parliament condemning the killing and harassment of political activists and dissenters, and drug suspects, and ignoring international conventions on human rights.

The EU has also threatened to revoke the trading privileges extended to the Philippines that reportedly allows the Philippines to export 6,200 products tariff-free to the 27 EU member states.

Many concerned European citizens, churches, and solidarity organizations for the Philippines have long been watching the Filipino people suffer – the killings, the mass murder of poor drug suspects, the harassment of critical media and political opposition, the hunger and poverty, the massive corruption and greed of Duterte’s oligarchs, and the red-tagging of anyone critical of the Duterte regime!

They, together with the armed revolutionary movement, the legal democratic movement and political opposition, want to end the suffering of the Filipino people under the Duterte regime.

Indeed, the end of the fascist Duterte regime, its death squads, political sycophants, trolls and red-taggers, is fast coming.

Ma. Lourdes Barros
NDFP International Information Office