Statement of Support to the NDFP

By the Initiative for the Construction of a Revolutionary-Communist Party (Austria)

On the occasion of this year’s anniversaries, we greet our comrades in the CPP, NPA and NDFP and express our continued support for the goals of national liberation and the people’s democratic revolution.

The National Democratic Front, as a united front, serves, alongside the Communist Party and the People’s Army, as the third weapon of the revolution of the Filipino people. It gathers the exploited and oppressed masses in their pursuit for smashing the neocolonial system and achieving genuine democracy and liberation.

The fascist Duterte regime in its relentless attacks on democratic mass organizations and the revolutionary movement on the Philippines shows once more that the strategic path of protracted people’s war on the Philippines under the leadership of a communist party guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is correct. The terror put forward by Duterte and his lackeys serves the goal of the USA and the reactionary forces within the Filipino bourgeoisie in keeping the Filipino nation in the status of servitude. In a time of rising inter-imperialist contradictions (e.g. USA-China) and a deepening crisis of the capitalist world system, they fear those who strive for freedom. This is the real reason behind their increased terror and counterinsurgency measures. But the Filipino people and their vanguard will expose this and continue their path of ousting the comprador regime.

Today the people’s war on the Philippines is a shining beacon for the proletarian world revolution and communist organizations worldwide. That’s why we stand in strong support of the struggle of the Filipino people and their fight for independence, self-determination and a people’s democratic transformation. In the spirit of international solidarity strong worldwide actions need to be taken to call out the atrocities of the regime that happen in accordance with the policies of the bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries.

Long live the Filipino resistance struggle for national liberation!
Down with fascism and imperialism!
Long live international solidarity!