Statement of solidarity of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism to the CPP

ImageBy North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)     

Dear Comrades of the Communist Party of the Philippines,

December 26th, 2008 just recently saw the 40th anniversary of your esteemed party which has undertaken People’s War with great success and has even aided in removing the presence of US military bases from your nation’s soil. From a young age I have studied the work of Jose Maria Sison with admiration, though I have some differences with some of his lines. Please accept my warm greetings as we enter a new year, hoping for fresh victories in the Filipino people’s anti-US and anti-imperialist struggle.

We have seen recently the utterly repugnant condemnation of your esteemed party and leadership and the complete dismissal of the role your great nation plays in fighting imperialism and building socialism because of remarks made by Professor Sison in support of the nationalities and people residing in the US who are being further robbed by finance capital. Given that your nation has been victimized by U.S. imperialism since the foolish decision by the U.S. ruling class to transition our country into an imperialist power, including the occupation of your country in 1898, it is certainly understandable and praiseworthy that your party would call for solidarity with the popular classes of our peoples against a common threat. Hence, we utterly repudiate the slander directed against the Filipino Revolution and its leadership by ultra-“leftist” slime and rightist apologists for imperialism alike.

We take issue with the general policy of the CPP in promoting mass immigration since such a policy openly aids in the free flow of finance capital while decreasing labor’s power, negates the ethnic character of the peoples of North America and Europe and ultimately deprives Third World countries of many of the brightest elements of their popular classes who are sorely needed by them to turn their own country into a self-reliant prosperous society built on anti-imperialist independence. Hence, this is why no socialist state in history ever tolerated or promoted mass immigration. We also think it is important that communists and leftists around the world understand the Jewish Zionist nature of the finance capital in our era without being bashful, and its virtual total control of American and Western life. These things noted, the CPP are our brothers and sisters who hail scores of patriotic martyrs.

We honor the legacy of the Filipino people’s struggle, thank them for the solidarity they have shown to the American popular classes, despite the atrocities committed in our name, and vow to stand with them against the enemies of us all. Furthermore, your understanding of the mass line and defiance of linear dogma and revisionism alike is appreciated.

Towards socialism and anti-imperialist independence,

John Paul Cupp
Public Relations Director
North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)