Stand at the forefront of the popular uprisings around the world

On the wave of global protests

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) extends solidarity with the peoples of Chile, Ecuador, Lebanon, Catalan and other countries in their militant protests against the onslaught of neoliberal economic policies, worsening inequality, corruption and national oppression. The massive protests expose the moribund character and deepening crisis of the global capitalist system.

General strikes and demonstrations in Chile, Ecuador and Lebanon erupted in October against IMF-World Bank-initiated impositions such as price and tax hikes and spending cuts. In Bolivia, Guinea and Iraq, people rose up against the brazen corruption of the ruling elite who wallow in luxury in stark contrast to the majority’s extreme poverty, joblessness and hunger. A general strike was mounted in Barcelona to condemn the conviction of 12 Catalan leader-activists over their role in a 2017 referendum and subsequent declaration of independence. 

The CPP condemns the violent crackdown which many governments have resorted to in a vain attempt to quell the peoples’ resistance.

The surge in protest movements can serve as inspiration for peoples around the world to wage their own democratic struggles and advance the struggle for social justice and national liberation. The revolutionary proletariat should exert effort to stand at the forefront of the popular uprisings. The massive demonstrations bolster the anti-imperialist struggles of the oppressed and exploited masses.