Solidarity with the Filipino people during visit of Pope Francis

By Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) expresses solidarity with the Filipino Catholic faithful in welcoming the head of the Roman Catholic church Pope Francis who is set to arrive on Thursday for a four-day visit to the Philippines.

In solidarity with the Filipino people, the Central Committee of the CPP has earlier declared a five-day ceasefire effective from 12:01 am of 15 January to 11:59pm of 19 January 2015.

On the occasion of Pope Francis’ visit, the Filipino people seek to draw his attention to the outstanding problems of widespread poverty and hunger, oppression and exploitation, large economic gaps between the ruling elite classes and the toiling masses, extremely low wages, landlessness and landgrabbing, homelessness and subhuman living conditions in colonies of poor communities, bureaucratic corruption, obscene profit-making by big business partners of the government, destruction of the environment by big capitalist interests, political persecution, torture, militarization and state violation of human rights and violations of Philippine sovereignty.

Close to 500 political prisoners and their families and friends seek the help of Pope Francis in their quest for justice and freedom.

Survivors of supertyphoon Yolanda and other calamities seek the Pope’s compassion as they expose the criminal neglect of the Aquino government and demand a just rehabilitation program that gives premium to the interests of the poor peasants, fisherfolk and workers.

Workers and ordinary employees hope to get the Pope’s sympathies as they struggle for the restoration of a national minimum wage and an increase in monthly wages to P16,000 to enable their families to live decent lives. They also clamor for an end to the demolition of their homes and communities as the government serves big private interests.

The toiling masses trust that Pope Francis will favor their clamor for an end to the policy of privatization and deregulation which has favored big business to the detriment of the people’s access to education and public health services as well as to essential public infrastructure, including mass transportation, electricity, water, the internet and others.

Peasant masses also seek Pope Francis’ assistance in their struggle to own the land they till and putting an end to landgrabbing by landlords, mining companies and plantations.

The CPP supports the Filipino people in their quest for social justice and to draw Pope Francis’ attention and garner his support for their cause. The CPP castigates the Aquino regime for overly militarizing the so-called security preparations in an attempt to prevent many people, especially the downtrodden, from seeking Pope Francis’ support.

The CPP acknowledges Pope Francis’ criticisms of social injustices and abuses by the economic and imperial powers, and sees bases for cooperation between the revolutionary forces and progressive-minded church people in advancing the cause of the poor and the oppressed.