Solidarity message of the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)

ImageOn behalf of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) members and cadres we wish to convey our warmest revolutionary greetings on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of your party’s re-establishment.

The heroic struggle of the Filipino people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Philippines, with the countless sacrifices has highlighted the path for national liberation and social emancipation in your country.

Every small or great victory brings the ultimate goal closer and gives hope and optimism to the peoples of the world.

In our era that imperialism is more aggressive than ever, shattering countries, nations and economies, the task of the communists to pave the way for human liberation from the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist system as well as to resist against imperialist wars and military interventions, against imperialists' effort to re-conquer and re-colonize the world, has become the agenda in every country and every corner of the planet.

The capitalist-imperialist system imposes misery and torment to the people and the working class across the world.

Therefore, every resistance, every struggle is another step to the long but only way to face and oppose this aggression.

In our country, the economic crisis has aggravated the already existing contradictions and triggered the anger and the militant struggle of the youth and people against state and police brutality as well as the anti-popular policies of the government in Greece, after the murder of the high school student Alexis Gregoropoulos. Such phenomena will be regular in the days to come all over the world. A single spark can start a prairie fire as we witnessed in our country and the impact will be global. Let us all be ready for this.

Long Live the Communist Party of Philippines!

Long Live International Solidarity!

Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)