Solidarity message from PINAS FIRST (Austria)

Manuel Sarmiento
Chairperson, Pinoy in Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST)

Gifted with exceptional intellectual, leadership and human qualities, Prof. Jose Maria Sison has for 50 years been the guide, the philosopher and the militant in the Filipino people's movement for national liberation and democracy. His work remains of vital importance today as the struggle continues.

History has clearly marked out for him a role as thinker, actor and leader. Sincerity, genuineness and integrity emanate from every fibre of his being and are reflected in his ceaseless and arduous labor. His stunning acuteness immortalized in his writings examines the truth in all its nakedness and moves us to serve the people wherever we may be.

We at PINAS FIRST recognise and applaud Prof. Sison's many outstanding achievements stemming from his unparalleled bravery and commitment.

We seek to learn from his life and work as we carry on the vision and mission of our Organization.

We send the heartiest thanks and congratulations and say:  "Press on to the next half-century."