Salute to Jose Maria Sison, Filipino patriot and internationalist


I am always with you,
In your studies, work and battles,
I am always with you,
Carrying out our urgent tasks.

Jose Maria Sison
“I am always with you”
26 December 1977

Prof. Jose Maria Sison, a great Filipino patriot and genuine internationalist! We in Bayan USA of Southern California, extend our warm salute and deep gratitude for all your work that inspires and continues to inspire the national democratic movement in the Philippines and among compatriots abroad. With your books as guidance, from Struggle for National Democracy to Philippine Society and Revolution, countless youth from schools and communities surged to the factories and the countryside to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people.

We salute your resoluteness in the face of all adversities inflicted by the enemies of the people. Arrests, incarcerations, torture, indignities, continued harassment and the like in the Philippines and abroad – the enemies are doing everything to dampen your spirits. But your strong will and determination always prevail and you remain unbowed.

The people’s interest is deeply engraved in your heart, that’s why. And that selfless trait is encouraged to all who want to serve the people.

I share with you
Your weal and woe,
I am always in the line,
Of march with you.

“I am always with you”
26 December 1977

We know that you are always and will always be with us, and us with you, in the thick of the struggle of the people for genuine freedom, peace and national democracy until victory is achieved in the Philippines and throughout the world. Thank you and again, a warm salute!

Mabuhay ka, Joma!

Mabuhay ang Masang Anakpawis! Long Live the Toiling Masses!

Onward to National Democracy!

Down with US Imperialism, Feudalism and Bureaucrat Capitalism!

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – USA
Southern California