Salute to all militant and revolutionary women! Your victories are the people’s victories!

The Christians for National Liberation extends its warmest greetings and salutes to all proletariat Filipino women this March 8, International Working Women’s Day! Revolutionary and progressive Filipino women deserve recognition as they painstakingly and zealously live out the important role of women in the struggle for national liberation and democracy.

CNL marches with the proletariat Filipino women who militantly oppose every attempt of Marcos Jr to further neoliberal policies that established, and now worsen, the stunted and backward economy in the country. Today, foreign capitalists and local comprador bourgeoisie are a race with each other in the ownership and control of our rich resources and the exploitation of our toiling masses for super profit.

The people also reject the conflict between the Marcos and Duterte cliques and ultimately expose the blatant evil infidelity of the two to their imperialists: the US and China, and to big local landlords and comprador bourgeoisie. This is bureaucrat capitalism at the core. Filipino women are also at the forefront of defending the people’s dignity and rights against all forms of discrimination and violence, most especially fascism and state terrorism.

In today’s commemoration of International Working Women’s Day, CNL takes pride in the 12-point program of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, as the most concrete program that upholds the welfare of women. It offers a program that will pave the way for an alternative life that every Filipino woman aspires to have. A life with food security through genuine agrarian reform, economic security in an independent and self-reliant economy through national industrialization, and welfare by upholding and promoting the people’s democratic rights, and dignity as it advances the revolutionary emancipation of women in all spheres. The protracted people’s war pulls up the weeds of oppression by the roots. Thus, awakening, organizing, and mobilizing women, who compose half of the population and the majority are from the working class, is one of the most important tasks of the national democratic revolution.

We salute the many Filipino woman revolutionaries who pursue the highest form of resistance in the countryside’s battlefield through armed struggle. They point their rifles to the people’s oppressors, nurture communities with revolutionary teachings, and mobilize the masses to defend and protect themselves. In our history and practice, the revolutionary movement recognizes and treats the rights and capacities of women equally to men. The revolutionary movement also rejects all forms of discrimination and underestimation of the ability of women. We highly value the potential and active contribution of women and LGBTQ+ in advancing the Philippine revolution.

We acknowledge that besides class oppression, women are also bound by cultural oppression and patriarchy. CNL, therefore, reaffirms that it is only through the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective that the life of dignity and Shalom of women could be pursued. We commend the victories won by the militant and revolutionary Filipino women as these victories are great and enduring contributions to achieve lasting national liberation and democracy. Likewise, the victory of the NDR is a liberation for all Filipino women.

Mabuhay ang mga kababaihang manggagawang Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang nakikibakang kababaihan! magsasaka, maralitang-taga-lunsod na kababaihan!

Onward with the People’s War!