Revolutionary youth Kabataang Makabayan condemns Manila bus attack

Revolutionary youth group warns of intensified US military intervention in the country

By CPP Information Bureau

The Kabataang Makabayan (KM, Patriotic Youth), the Filipino revolutionary youth group expresses its strongest condemnation of the bus blast in Manila this week that killed five and injured 16 passengers and called it "a senseless act of violence".

"We condemn this attack at the same time that we call on the Filipino people to be vigilant on any unnecessary measure the Aquino government will impose upon the people which will further curtail basic liberties, intensify military and intervention from the United States."

"Already the bus attack was used expediently by the military to justify its demand for a P42.13 billion additional budget for so-called modernization program to run in five years, in a hearing the day after the bus attack," added Guerrero.

The revolutionary group's spokesperson also underlined that the government of Aquino seems to be inept in handling "crisis cases" like this from the outset just like how the resulting malady in the Luneta bus hijack.

"The Aquino government is quick at resorting to inefficient and yet repressive actions giving full and excessive force to state security forces unleashed against civilians and the public."

Meanwhile, Guerrero lambasted recent Department of Foreign Affairs Sec. Romulo's open admittance that the coming dialogue with the United States will emphasize on security and terrorism. "The cat is out of the bag.The Aquino government is not but most keen to cement US' intervention in our country's internal affairs in the guise of fighting international terrorism."

"We call on the democratic and patriotic forces to fight the deepening intervention of US in our country and expose the subservient role of the Aquino government. Aquino's Oplan Bayanihan is the local counterpart counter-insurgency plan based on the US Counter-insurgency Manual."

The KM, an allied to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) which is set to hold formal Peace Negotiations with the government of the Republic of the Philippines in February, "calls on the Filipino youth and people to demand national sovereignty and freedom from the US, among other civil and economic demands as part of the substantive agenda in the peace talks".

"Despite protests and demands to dismantle the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) giving legal blanket to US military presence in the Philippines, Aquino regime is willingly posed to adhere to this historic servility in military as well as political and economic terms with US. We the people have to assert in the coming negotiations the freedom from the clutches of US in all aspects, as it will also pave the way to economic, social and political emancipation of the Filipino people. We call to end the VFA and other agreements with the US."

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Spokesperson, Kabataang Makabayan
Email: [email protected]