Revolutionary trade unions celebrate NPA 42nd anniversary

RCTU-ST celebration for NPA's 42nd anniversary, successfully held

By CPP Information Bureau

The Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions (RCTU) in Southern Tagalog launched an indoor activity today, April 1, in honor of the New People's Army's 42nd year anniversary. Sixty-four (64) representatives from revolutionary unions and other units from factories and workers' communities attended the celebration held somewhere in Laguna.

An educational input on armed struggle and the formation of the revolutionary army as basic principles in the people's war put into context the objectives of the activity.

The second part of the program focused on solidarity messages from revolutionary unions and units, as well as cultural performances.

The activity also paid tribute to the workers who joined the NPA and sacrificed their lives in the course of their active commitment to the people's war.

The program also presented video documentaries of successful NPA tactical offensives.

Fighting tasks of the revolutionary workers movement

For the last part of the program, the "Message of the KH-KR Southern Tagalog on the 42nd Anniversary of the NPA" was read.

Basing on the document, the tasks of the revolutionary workers movement were discussed to actively plan, implement, and contribute to fulfill the 5-year program in achieving the strategic stalemate from strategic defensive.

Successful activities

According to Fortunato Magtanggol, spokesperson of RCTU-ST, "This indoor activity celebration is only one of the activities of RCTU-ST in launching education and propaganda among members of the revolutionary workers movement in the urban areas, on the anniversary of our cherished New People's Army.

Earlier on March 21, RCTU-ST staged coordinated propaganda campaigns of operation dikit (pasting of posters), operation pinta (wall paintings), and banner hanging. This was followed by an 8-minute lightning rally in Crossing, Calamba City, Laguna in the morning of March 27.

"RCTU-ST successfully staged these activities. We will continue to hold similar activities as forms of consolidation while continuously implementing important tasks of the revolutionary workers movement," said Magtanggol.