Revolutionary health group calls for advancement of people’s war


MANILA, 17 December – Members of the revolutionary health group Makabayang Samahang Pangkalusugan (MSP) held a lightning rally in Manila on Tuesday, Dec. 16 on its 36th anniversary.

It was also an early commemoration of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ 46th year on 26 December.

The revolutionary group condemned the situation of health and the society under the administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III.

“The existing rotten system of health in the country is only a result of a semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in our society.”

They vowed to mobilize more health workers to serve the people and to revolt with a socialist perspective. They encourage health workers, nurses and doctors to join the New People’s Army.

Photos by Anne Marxze D. Umil at