Reject Duterte fanatics’ push for palace coup

Marco Valbuena
Chief Information Officer
Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urges the Filipino people to reject the campaign of Duterte’s fanatics calling for a palace coup to justify the establishment of a Duterte-led terrorist junta and railroad a new constitution that will pave the way for the perpetuation of the Duterte fascist regime.

The zealots who call themselves the “Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee” disguise their fascist agenda by calling their proposal a “revolutionary government” to confuse the people. There is absolutely nothing revolutionary in perpetuating Duterte in power. They are employing the tired old tactic of demagoguery used by Duterte to misrepresent the interests of the people in order to serve the self-serving interests of the corrupt and fascist ruling elite.

Their rhetoric echoes the language of Marcos’ “democratic revolution from the center” and Hitler’s “national socialism.” They despicably appropriate for themselves the language of change to conceal their true aims of preserving the oppressive and exploitative system under the despicable tyrant.

The pro-Duterte fanatics are peddling the so-called revolutionary government at this time to condition the minds of the people and make them accept the possible extraconstitutional maneuvers of the Duterte ruling clique to perpetuate itself in power. They want to preempt the possible need for constitutional succession which will have Vice President Leni Robredo succeed the presidency in the event of Duterte’s death or permanent disability before May 2022 or ouster through a popular people’s uprising.

They form part of and serve Duterte’s overall scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship either through rigging of the 2022 elections to put into position his selected successor; constitutional change to remove term limits or give him continuing powers in the transition period; or staging a palace coup in the form of outright declaration of martial law.

Duterte’s schemes are bound to fail in the face of the people’s rising resistance and demand for an end to the regime’s corruption, treachery, state terrorism and mendacity especially in the face of its incompetence and bungled response to the Covid-19 pandemic.