Question from an American group of anti-imperialists:
Do you think the Syrian Arab Army is today a progressive force against American imperialism or are they just agents of a rising Russian imperialism?

Reply by Joma Sison:
14611154_10210549149035622_8850397608227023400_nSyria has a long running just cause against US imperialism and Israeli Zionism in support of the Palestinian people and with the aim to recover the Golan Heights grabbed by Israel from Syria. In this sense and context, the Assad government and the Syrian Arab Army have a sovereign, progressive and revolutionary cause against the US as No. 1 imperialist aggressor and its criminal accomplice Zionist Israel.

These two monsters have been responsible for the current prolonged war to devastate and weaken Syria and this war is of the same strain as those aggressive wars unleashed by the US against Iraq and Libya and provocations against Iran. This is in accordance with the US neoconservative policy of maintaining the full-spectrum hegemony of the US in the Middle East as well as the distinct initiatives of Obama and the Clintons to aggrandize US interests and prop up Israel against its opponents.

The Russian-Syrian military alliance and the Russian naval station in Syria are historically descended from the Soviet support for the Palestinian and Arab people (even while modern revisionism was still corroding socialism in the Soviet Union). Whatever is the social character of Russia now (even if monopoly capitalist), it is good strategy and tactics for Syria to use its alliance with Russia to counter and defeat the more aggressive imperialist power, US imperialism and its terrible sidekick Israel.