Red salute to the Bloc Rouge!

Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines

May I  congratulate the Maoist Communist Party of France and other Maoist formations for having  undertaken  the process of unification and forming the Bloc Rouge. Red salute to you, comrades! May you win greater victories in the revolutionary struggle of the French proletariat and people against monopoly capítalism and all forms of reaction.

As founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which leads the New People’s Army (NPA), I am elated and gratified that the Bloc Rouge is holding a film showing and debate to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the NPA. Certainly, the Filipino people, the CPP, the NPA, and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines welcome your act of solidarity.

They are surely  inspired by your revolutionary acclamation, “Long live the people’s war in the Philippines!” The Filipino people and their revolutionary army are waging a protracted people’s war along the general line of people’s democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. They are determined to achieve national and social liberation and to contribute what they can to the struggle of the people of the world against imperialism and for socialism.

US imperialism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism are the three evil monsters dominating the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system in the Philippines. They are escalating the exploitation and oppression of the Filipino people under the US-dictated neoliberal economic policy and the US-designed strategic military plan called Oplan Bayanihan. The Filipino people have no choice but to wage the armed revolution against the US-Aquino regime and entire ruling system in accordance with the teachings of Comrade Mao on people’s war.

The people and their people’s army are winning brilliant victories against their enemy in political, military, economic, social and cultural terms. The CPP as the advanced detachment of the proletariat, the people’ army, the mass organizations, the united front, and organs of political power are growing ever stronger and are advancing. They are engaged in various kinds of mass campaigns for the social benefit of the people. Such campaigns include mass education, land reform, production, health care, cultural upliftment, self-defense, settlement of disputes and environmental protection.

You must have heard about the long-running peace negotiations between the Manila government and the NDFP. But there can be no just and lasting peace while the reactionary state is servile to US imperialism and is extremely reactionary, exploitative, corrupt and brutal. In conducting peace negotiations, the NDFP adheres to the program for a people’s democratic revolution, and seeks national independence, social justice and  comprehensive development.

Because they are suffering extreme exploitation and oppression, and are waging a life-and-death struggle against state terrorism and US imperialist intervention, the Filipino people need the solidarity and support of the French people. They are therefore deeply grateful to the Bloc Rouge for striving to obtain the solidarity and support of the French people for the Filipino people.

In the course of the solidarity between the Filipino and French peoples, there can be a process of learning from each other, mutual understanding, mutual support, practical cooperation and mutual benefit.

Filipinos and their organizations in France can cooperate with the French people and their organizations. French comrades and friends can also visit the Philippines to know the people better, their dire situation, and their struggles and aspirations for national and social liberation. The Filipino people and the French peoples can work together and struggle for a fundamentally new and better world.