Red Salute to the 52nd Anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Christians for National Liberation-Negros Island | NDF-Negros Island | National Democratic Front of the Philippines December 26, 2020

The Christians for National Liberation – Negros affirms its nationalist revolutionary struggle from within the collective formation of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The Party provides the consistent consolidation of forces both in the armed and participatory struggles.

We condemn the militarization in Negros island; and consistently call for justice of the victims of Duterte’s despotic military conducts in terrorizing both the rural and urban communities—the killings of farm workers; the jailing of our grassroots leaders and organizers; and the systematic threats on suspected rebels meriting assassinations.

This year, two dedicated Christian activists were grossly assassinated, namely: Zara Alvarez and Dr. Mary Joy Sancelan. Both of them were victims of the military orchestrated red-tagging and violent repression on activists. It is with certainty that their assassination is within the anti-insurgency program of NTF-ELCAC, in coordination with newly organized vigilante groups, like the KAGUBAK in Negros Oriental.

The Christians for National Liberation – Negros pursues an organized formation among church-people both in the affected communities and in church leadership. We have achieved already a sustained growth in our conscientization and mass work, and yet we continue working collectively relevant actions and programs in the nationalist revolutionary struggle.

As the Communist Party of the Philippines celebrates its 52nd Anniversary, we celebrate too our consistent revolutionary commitment—of serving the people! Padayon sa Paghimakas!

(sgd.) Bishop Eduardo Maglaya, D.D.
(sgd.) Fr. Mando Caldea
(sgd.) Sister Melchora Selang
(sgd.) Fr. Dominador Luna
(sgd.) Fr. Boy Marismo