Red salute to Comrade Red, revolutionary martyr!

Spokesperson, NDFP-Northeast Mindanao Region

Red salute to Comrade Red who gave his precious life last 3 January 2012 in Barangay (village) San Antonio, RTR, Agusan del Norte. Comrade Red died during the attack of the New People’s Army in Front 21 under the Pulang Diwata Command against the 23rd Infantry Battalion / CAA detachment in said barrio (village).

The NPA-Front 21 intended but failed to control said detachment, confiscate arms and gradually destroy/drive out army/CAA detachments from the barrios. In the midst of failure, it gained lessons for future tactical offensives. The NPA confiscated one M14 from a Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU), but an M203 was left behind by the NPA.

We apologize to the civilians hit by said offensive, and we will shoulder all expenses incurred for their treatment.

This is yet another bitter lesson and warning to all residents, barangay captains and the army to adhere to the laws on the setting up of army/CAA detachments and military camps. The army builds detachments because of the on-going civil war in the Philippines, revolutionary forces are launching a protracted people’s war. But first and foremost, the military must keep away from populated areas to prevent civilians from being caught in the crossfire.

Barrio residents can justifiably petition the Commission on Human Rights for the removal of camps and detachments set up in the midst of residential areas.

There are many more detachments and military camps in the Caraga region built in the populated areas of the barrios which endanger civilians during clashes. It seems that the military intentionally put themselves in the midst of the barrio to use the residents as shields.

Here is the initial list of detachments and military camps set up in the populated areas of barrios.

Agusan del Norte:

  1. Mahaba, Cabadbaran
  2. Antikala, Butuan City
  3. PutingBato, Cabadbaran City
  4. BNHQ SF NB anaa sa tunga sa Pirada, Del Pilar, Tubay

Agusan del Sur:

  1. San Juan, Bayugan City
  2. Villangit, Sibagat
  3. Manat, Trento
  4. Maligaya, Rosario

Surigao del Sur:

  1. Pong-on, San Agustin
  2. Tagasaka, Hinatuan
  3. Greenfield, Santa Juana, Tagbina
  4. BNHQ 75th IBPA anaa sa tunga sa Brgy. Maharlika

Surigao del Norte:

  1. Lahi, Gigaquit
  2. Taytay, Cagtinae, Malimono
  3. Mayag, Sison
  4. BNHQ 30 IBPA Santa Cruz, Placer

The attack of the San Antonio detachment is a concrete step in the NPA’s perseverance to slowly annihilate the people’s enemy — the armed forces of the reactionary US-Aquino government.

The NPA attack in San Antonio, RTR is again used by the 4th Infantry Division-Philippine Army spokesperson as basis to say that the NPA does not want peace talks. But even before this, they have been announcing that they are launching tactical offensives against the NPA. They were just pre-empted by the NPA when the latter launched its tactical offensive, although victory was not achieved.

In truth, the revolutionary forces want peace so that hunger/poverty will end, and a national economy will be established which will truly answer the needs of the people. The US-Aquino government do not want peace because until now it refuses to fulfil its obligation to release all detained NDFP consultants. The release of the NDFP consultants is an important step to start the peace negotiations.

We give encouragement to the comrades that attacked the army/CAA detachment. Use the lessons acquired for the next military actions. Make the life offered by Comrade Red for the people be a challenge to further advance.

Ka Maria Malaya (sgd)
Spokesperson, NDFP-NEMR
4 January 2012