Raise high the red flag on the Party’s 55th anniversary!

Originally published in Ang Bayan Vol LIV No. 23 – December 7, 2023

On December 26th, the Communist Party of the Philippines will celebrate the 55th anniversary of its establishment. One of the biggest task of the Party today is to strengthen itself ideologically, politically and organizationally to fully frustrate the enemy’s suppression campaign, lead the masses in fighting the puppet, oppressive and fascist US-Marcos regime and advance the people’s democratic revolution.

On the occasion of the anniversary, let us restrengthen the commitment of every cadre and member, whether old or new, to promote Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the basic principles of the Party as stated in its constitution and program. Let us again raise our fists and vow to do our utmost to raise our proletarian revolutionary consciousness, and serve and fight for the people’s interests at all times, as each of us pledged when we joined the Party.

Let us also celebrate on December 16 the revolutionary life of Jose Maria Sison, the Party’s founding chair, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death. Let us firmly uphold his legacy of teachings in advancing the revolutionary struggle of the Filipino people.

Let us remember all the martyrs and heroes of the Philippine revolution. The highest tribute we can give them is the sustained growth and invigoration of the armed struggle and mass struggles. This has completely belied the enemy’s prediction that the Party, the people’s army and the united front is on the road to decay and disintegration.

There exists favorable conditions for further arousing, organizing and mobilizing the Filipino people. The ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system in the Philippines is rapidly decaying. It is being clobbered simultaneously by economic and political crises caused by the rotten, oppressive, puppet and fascist rule of the Marcos regime.

It brings worse suffering to the Filipino people. It is the crucial duty of the Party to lead the broad masses of the people who strongly desire to fight for their livelihood and well-being, and to defend their democratic rights.

Amid vast social unrest, the Party is in a position to lead the invigoration of mass struggles, and expand and strengthen the revolutionary mass movement both in the cities and countryside, along with the overall task of advancing the people’s democratic revolution.

With all-out energy, let us expand and strengthen the Party and the organized masses. Rectify errors and overcome all weaknesses and vacillation. Bring together the collective anger of the masses, and lead their resistance especially in the face of grave oppression and exploitation. For new tasks, we need new forces who are full of enthusiasm, vitality and militance. Replace those who have left or have become passive.

The Party welcomed the joint statement of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) on November 23 to reopen peace talks.

We do battle on the negotiating table, as we wage armed struggle to achieve the same aim of a just and lasting peace. This is achieved through genuine land reform, national industrialization, national independence and genuine democracy.

Resist schemes of the reactionary state to use the talks as an instrument for deception to lure the NPA to surrender its arms, and take away its revolutionary strength. Reject the fake “amnesty” proclamation of the Marcos regime issued for the deceptive purpose of surrender. It only serves the self-interests of the renegade few who have turned their backs and betrayed the people’s interests. They should be rejected, denounced and cast into the trashbin of history.

Worldwide, the correctness of rising up against foreign aggression and fascism is being highlighted in heroic armed resistance of the Palestinian people, as well as the people of Myanmar and other countries. The NDFP timely launched an international theoretical conference on imperialism and war that served as occasion to strengthen the cooperation of various proletarian, anti-imperialist and liberation movements around the world, and to amplify the call to wage a just war and armed struggle against imperialist war.

Filipino communists are part of the global proletarian revolution against imperialism, the final moribund stage of capitalism. They represent the revolutionary liberation struggle of the Filipino people. They contribute to the global anti-imperialist movement by waging resistance against intensifying US hegemonism in the country in the form of increasing number of military bases and more frequent and bigger wargames in Philippine land and seas. The entire people should fight US schemes to use the country for its geopolitical interests in the Asia-Pacific, and link up with the global struggle to prevent the outbreak of inter-imperialist war.

In the cities and countryside, the Party and the revolutionary forces continue to grow in strength. The revolutionary mass movement of all democratic classes and sectors fighting for their interests are advancing vigorously. The antifascist, anti-imperialist and antifeudal united front is being strengthened and expanded as the broadest people’s unity is being established to isolate the ruling Marcos regime. Most importantly, the NPA continues to strengthen along the path of armed struggle as the main weapon of resistance.

The Party is confident that, with all-out efforts of all its cadres and members, it will steadfastly lead the strengthening of the revolution in all fields of struggle, and succeed in advancing the national-democratic revolution in the Philippines towards its socialist future.