Program of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines

The NDFP's general program for national liberation and democracy seeks to provide a broad basis of unity for all social classes, sectors, groups and individual Filipinos here and abroad desirous of genuine national freedom and democracy, lasting peace and a progressive Philippines. 

  1. Unite the people for the task of overthrowing the semicolonial and semifeudal system through a people's war and completing the national democratic revolution.

  2. Prepare the way for the establishment of a people's democratic republic and a democratic coalition government.

  3. Strengthen the people's army and a defense system.

  4. Uphold and promote the people's democratic rights.

  5. Terminate all unequal relations with the United States and all other imperialist powers and other foreign entities.

  6. Implement a genuine agrarian reform, program, promote agricultural cooperation, develop rural production and employment through modernization of agricultural and rural industrialization, and ensure agricultural sustainability.

  7. Dismantle the dominance of the US and other imperialists and the big comprador-landlords over the economy, implement a program of national industrialization, and ensure an independent and self-reliant economy.

  8. Implement a comprehensive and progressive social program.

  9. Promote a national and progressive people's culture.

  10. Uphold the rights of the Bangsa Moro and Cordillera peoples and other indigenous peoples to self-determination and democracy.

  11. Advance the revolutionary emancipation of women in all spheres.

  12. Adopt an active, independent and peaceful foreign policy.